castaner espadrilles

  1. just wanted to share..i got these yesterday in red and they're gorgeous!! i haven't worn them outside yet, but i did wear them around the house for a few hours yesterday and they seem like they'll be really comfy. good price point too...$165...and i heard through the grapevine that castaner makes CL's espadrilles...

    i have also heard that the peep-toe pinches some girls toes, but so far it doesn't bother me. so, for anyone looking at esp. these are fabulous!!!
  2. Congrats on the new purchase!! I am wearing mine today, in black. They are comfortable and easy on the feet. One of the better shoe purchases I've made in awhile!
  3. wow! i'm glad to hear that - i'm always worried about the comfort factor with shoes, i HATE uncomfortable shoes!! i'm so glad i got them - it's my first pair of red shoes!!!
  4. gorgeous!:nuts:
  5. very pretty! Congrats!
  6. cute!!!
  7. Let us know if they are comfy, I love them!

    Where did you purchase them?
  8. those are nice. how do you feel about sizing? tts?
  9. yes, tts, a little snug but my sa said the canvas would stretch a bit over time.
  10. Cute shoes!!! BTW, I love your website. I've been on it tons of times and find it very informative. I have it bookmarked as one of my favs even before I found the PF! Keep up the great work!!
  11. You can also buy them at Intermix, which is where I got mine in 1/2 size up. The canvas does stretch after a few wears.
  12. Those are beautiful! congratulations!
  13. thank you so much!!! :love:

    and just an update, but i'm wearing them now, have been all day and standing up for a lot of it. they're comfortable, a little narrow in the toes, but not too narrow, i can feel that they've stretched a bit. the only problem is - they're hot! i miss my thongs right now...