Castagna Velo

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  1. Has anyone seen one? I can only find them in black, anthra, sorbet and outremer around me! I bought the black and it only left me wanting another one. I think I'm in trouble! Thanks!:blush:
  2. Hi, Castanga is an older color and the velo just came out for this season. So in short, the velo doesn't come in that color. Maybe in upcoming seasons a similar color will be released. Good luck!
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    It does come in Castagna since Castagna was released in 2010. You just have to find it.

    There was one sold on ebay a few weeks ago.
  4. I'm almost certain that Neiman's at Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta has one. I was there yesterday and the s/a brought one out that she said she was planning on keeping, but would sell if someone really wanted it (I almost did). She also said there were more (2? maybe) on the way. Good luck.
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    whoops, nevermind...
  6. ^^ Yeah but I don't think we can post ebay links here. Only stores and/or online retailers that are authorized.

    I'm pretty sure some stores still have them since the color is not that popular...
  7. Idk where are you located but I saw one one Selfridges in London with CH. It was really nice!
  8. Sorry, castanaga is does come in the velo style. Sorry, I wasn't thinking when I answered earlier. Good luck finding her!! I wish you the best!
  9. Thanks so much! Ahh- I was there on Monday and didn't see one, and no one was around to ask. I would have waited, but I had my one year old daughter with me who wanted to run away to shoes! :smile: I'll give them a call. Thanks again!
  10. lacibraz - This is the SA, if you're still interested: Nina Netto 404 266 8200, and voicemail is x2518. I was there Monday too and she came in after I'd been looking around a bit. She was all excited about the Velo and said she only had one at the moment, a Castagna in the back. Apparently the SA's get a bag every season? Anyway, it was still new but she was going to keep it, BUT said she would sell and take another bag if someone really wanted it. It was gorgeous leather but it was pretty matte iirc, if you don't mind that. She also said they were getting at least one more of that color and a Cyclade. Good luck, I hope you find one!
  11. I think that there is also a castagna velo available at Aloha Rag.
  12. Yep, they just got them in!
  13. I just ordered one from Aloha Rag. I don't know how many they got in but perhaps they have another.