Cast your vote: Which Rock N Roses bandeau? Bleu Ciel or Berry?

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Which color?

  1. Bleu Ciel

  2. Berry

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have a speedy B in damier azur. I would love to get a rock n roses bandeau, I think they're beautiful! However, I'm not sure which color to get. Cast your vote on which would look best with my damier azur speedy b!
    (P.S.) I can't try it on in store because my boutique has neither. I could get my SA to order one but I'd really rather just have it sent right to me.)

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  2. Definitely the blue one (especially if you're pairing it with DA)!
  3. Bleu's beautiful in person!
  4. That's what I was thinking at first, but then I started thinking about how much of a contrast and pretty brightness the berry would be! But I think the bleu would be beautiful with DA.
  5. Both are gorgeous but get the blue for use with DA!
  6. Blue. I have this in the light pink stole when it first came out, before this blue came out...I would of loved to have the blue one if it had been available at the time.
  7. The blue since you are pairing it with DA. Georgeous!
  8. Can you get both?? ;)
  9. i'm not a pink girl, i vote for the blue.
  10. Blue!
  11. Blue! I'm a pink girl, but this Bandeau I chose in Blue!
  12. blue! cool tones for the cool tones of the azur!
  13. Blue
  14. Blue
  15. BERRY!!! I might get both though XD