Cast your vote: Poppy Red or Dove beige

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What's your favourite?

  1. Mini Poppy red

  2. Medium Dove Beige

  3. Mini Dark Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi ladies, I am planning to join the chyc family and I have a tough time deciding between the poppy mini or the medium dove beige. I have been hunting down for a dove beige mini but unfortunately it is sold out everywhere. Hence, I am thinking of the medium dove beige and a mini poppy. I love the fact that the mini has a strap but I just simply adore the color dove beige. Recently I have been offered the mini dark brown. Too many choices. Any suggestions?
  2. i have seem dove beige in person..its very pretty. i have a large chyc cabas and it is humongous...i kinda regrat of buying the large. you will also need to consider what color of bags you already have.
  3. I have the medium, Cabas Chyc in poppy and love it. I like to buy bags in colors that might be limited-color bags. Then years, down the road, they become more valuable.

    Back in 2006, I bought a Vuitton, Epi leather bag in an apple red color. The model that I bought had just come out and the bag had just arrived to the Vuitton boutique, in Paris, two days before I bought it.

    The bag was in a color that ended up a limited color. I hadn't seen the bag in that special color since, until I stumbled upon one on an online resale shop the other day. The bag is the same bag, as mine, and is selling for more than I paid for my, then, brand new bag. And mine is still in mint condition. The one online isn't.
  4. True. The large Cabas Chyc is indeed humongous. It's like carrying luggage. I'm glad I bought the medium-sized one which is perfect. The mini is cute, but for that price, I'd want more bag.
  5. The mini looks great in a pop colour like the red or sky, but the medium or large looks better in a classic colour like the dove beige.

    I love both of your choices. They are exactly what I would be getting (if I could get both). I voted dove beige medium as I think you'd wear it more often.
  6. Dove Beige Medium! I have one and I am so happy with it size and color wise. I think it is timeless :cloud9:
  7. Thanks ladies for the input. Is the medium a great size for evening/formal dinner?
    Currently my bag collection is mostly black bags and I don't have bags in red or pink shades. I'm tempted to get both but one at a time to pace my wallet... Lol
  8. both are gorgeous! like you, i love bigger bags in neutral colors, while i tend to pick more bold colors for smaller bags/clutches so i think you deciding between a mini poppy and medium dove beige is such a tough decision! since you have many black bags, then i say go for the bold mini poppy!!! that one has my vote! let us know what you decide :smile:
  9. I just took my gorgeous, medium, poppy bag to an evening wedding and had no problem with it. There were many comments on how fabulous it looked. It all depends on what one wears while carrying it and it complimented my outfit perfectly. Plus,it was large enough to store my cashmere pashmina, as the wedding was totally outside.
  10. Thanks for your advice. It is such a tough choice that I told my SA to pick for me! I'm getting the mini poppy and perhaps the dove beige later. Does anyone knows if dove beige is a seasonal color or?
  11. It's good to know that the bag is so versatile. Does your medium chyc starts to slouch? I was going through the forum and some people mention about the slouchiness after a certain period of time.