Cast your vote for me Pls...

Nov 5, 2010
Dear all, Now I am so confused...

I just placed an order for vernis amarante bellevue GM as I need a bag to store A4 documents..

Then I also need a smaller handbag n picked Alma PM. I love vernis range especially the Amarante n red...

However, Alma PM will b more ideal in red but they do not have it...

Hence torn between,

Vernis bellevue GM in red or amarante
Vernis Alma PM in amarante or epi electric black?

Will it b too silly to buy 2 vernis? I really dunno hw the epi electric black looks like IRL..

Btw, 1st time buying LV bags too and so confused.....

Pls help and tks alot...


Jan 11, 2008
The alma in PM size won't store A4 docs, and could be used for both day and evenings. I like the epi electric black as it is patent (but a slight fingerprint issue as fingers leave marks on the patent).

But the Alma MM in Amarante is really beautiful and could hold A4 docs - but there is also a fingerprint issue.

My recommendation: for documents/work bag, go for a Brea GM in epi electric. Then get an Alma PM in amarante because it is beautiful!


Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
I don't think it's silly to have 2 Vernis piece if that's what you love.
Epi electric is TDF!

Not sure why but the Alma PM in Amarante does not look good on me (maybe because of my skin tone) but it looks super gorgeous on others.

For Bellevue, I think either color is lovely.
Personally i would get the Pomme Bellevue and get the epi electric Alma.

Good luck deciding!
Aug 18, 2010
i have the vernis alma pm in amarante and omg it's to die for!!!!

i wasn't crazy about the epi electric when i saw it on the website, but when i saw it in person at the boutique, i totally changed my mind. it's gorgeous in person! in the alma pm size, i still prefer the amarante over the electric. the brea gm in electric is droolworthy and looks like it would be very functional.
Nov 5, 2010
Now u all came up brea again...

Sigh...will update what I get in the end...

So far, Bellevue GM in amarante n Alma PM in epi electric might b my final choice....


designer diva
Dec 20, 2009
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Vernia Alma for sure...But the MM size is better for carrying A4 documents, etc. The darker colors (Amarante, Bleu Nuit, etc) do have issues with fingerprints. I carry my cloth with me at all times.

Good Luck deciding!


Sep 16, 2008
Alma epi electric its gorgeous! its grown on me the more I see reveals of it! cant wait to see what you get!