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  1. Ellipse Shop GM

  2. Azur Saleya MM

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  1. Ok ladies and gents, sorry about the delay of posting pix-took me a while to DC back:sweatdrop: Long story short, you've all been voting on which to purchase, and the result was a very close tie, so I have attached some model pix of each on me. The prices are in similar range. I plan to keep ONE LV tote only, as I already have Chanel black PST, white GST and black Coach Stripe MM tote<--wk horse:p
    What do you think? I am leaning more on Ellipse, but it's TEN years old:sweatdrop:, not to mention BF think it's TNT(old school Ninja Turtle cartoon char:cursing: ) . However 99% of pp thinks Saleya MM looks better on me:shrugs: , can u tell I am a true Gemini?:rolleyes:
    Eeek, sry about the giant pix, and plz ignore my face on the first pix.....
    Ellipse GM.JPG Saleya Azur MM2.JPG Saleya Azur MM.JPG Elliipse GM2.JPG
  2. I say Ellipse. One, I really like it, and it's no longer available. Yours looks to be in good shape with a nice patina! The Azur is gorgeous too, and it's bound to be around for a bit. Good luck in choosing!
  3. I like the Saleya more on you :yes:
  4. common pp, vote vote vote! :yahoo:
  5. Saleya all the way!
  6. definitely the saleya....personally not a fan of the ellipse at all...saleya has such a classic shape and the color is so summery and cheery. i vote saleya for sure!!!
  7. Saleya suits you more...
  8. TMNT haha, your bf is funny. I voted for Azur, it's So Fresh and So Clean :yes:
  9. definately the Azur Saleya MM
    No doubt.
  10. Azur Saleya MM it's so Summer and purdy on you, the elipse in the other hand today I saw a gir with one of those fake back packs with plastique hachetta:throwup: so no elipse for you ok...
  11. definately the saleya
  12. Saleya
  13. I'm not sure exactly why (in comparison to the Ellipse), but the Saleya just looks good on you.
  14. The Saleya MM DEFINITELY looks better on you!!
  15. I prefer the Ellipse- so much more unusual and unique!