Cast Iron

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  1. I'm planning on going camping with friends in a few weeks and wanted to get some cast iron to cook on.

    Typically when we go camping it's hot dogs cooked over a fire using sticks.I'd like to step it up.

    I was looking at lodge cast iron but it seems pretty pricey for just camping. I was looking at a dutch oven that has a cover that turns into a skillet. It's around $40 on Amazon:

    This was another set I was looking at because it's on clearance:

    The plan is to do a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, potatoes ect. and then a dinner of chicken/steak and some sort of vegetable side.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. I would go with the Lodge every time. It's the only cast iron made in America which means that it's not that cheap funky overseas cast iron in which they toss into the smelter every darn thing they can find. I have a Lodge cast iron Dutch oven and I use it for so much, from baking bread to slow-cooking stews and roasting chicken. I also have a skillet I use nearly every day.

    That said cast iron is REALLY heavy. A Dutch oven especially so. If you're going to be hiking to your camp site leave all the cast iron at home. I have a hard enough time wrestling mine from counter to oven.
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  3. We’ll be driving and parking at our campsite so it won’t be an issue.

    I may just shell out the money for the lodge Dutch oven with the skillet cover.