1. I wait soooooooooo long for the cassis epi. when I saw the pics at SS 2008 threat I fell in love BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT the color is not same as the pics sooo dark like black. this is not I am waiting for:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::wtf:
  2. go for the lighter one!!! it's pretty also...and great for summer!
    Sorry if you were disappointed by it!
    Good luck!
  3. Aw sorry to hear that but I am sure something else will come along that you will like even better!!
  4. Oh no, I thought it looked quite pretty in the pics too. Just waiting to see it IRL. Did you see the Pomegrante colour as well?
  5. Pomegrante is same as the pics so cute...I am thinking about the pochette but not sure... seems like a color for summer.
  6. I actually LOVE the new purple Epi color --- it's the right shade of purple that I've been looking for --- dark and yummy! LOL It's too bad you didn't like it. The other new Epi color is gorgeous, too, but the SA told me the official name is "Grenadine" although in E-Lux it's listed as "Grenade" --- don't know which is correct. I hope you find another bag and color you like!
  7. cassis is not a bad color, just not like the pics... I am sure that I am going to loveee that color soon...but I saw it in the pics then store and so much difference...:shame:
    2008Epi.jpg cassis.jpg
  8. Oh no, thats a bummer to hear.

    I love the way the Cassis looks in the pictures. :sad:
  9. the passy is the real color... and more.. not so bad... I think I am going to fall in love again:smile:)))))).. I looked at the passy nearly 30 times and it seems ok now... I think I have a problem:smile:))))
  10. cassis looks like and pinky one...
    805.jpg LV_11298148_cassis_h_pu.jpg feew.jpg
  11. Can't wait to head down on Friday to see the new purple. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
  12. i much prefer cassis when i 1st saw the pics in ss08 but now seeing these pics again i think i like Pomegrante more .. it kinda works like the violette vernis, grows on u -> the more u see it the more u like it :lol:. ok so who has gotten one? post pic plsss
  13. I love the cassis! And the pomegrante. Both are must haves for me!
  14. OOoh.. I thought I would prefer the pomegranate.. but I actually really like the dark purple of cassis better!
  15. I actually love both colors ... can't wait to own something from each, I wish they would come out in both Speedy and Lockit!