Cassis or Rose Thulian for 1st Bal?

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  1. Please help me decide which colour I should get for my first Bbag! The pictures online of each colour vary so much!

    Which one do you think is more year round and a grab-and-go type of bag?

    Thank you!
  2. Rose Thulian is pretty. I think it would be a great first bbag. Rose thulian in mrggh:smile: that's just my opinion. Good luck!:smile:
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  3. I vote for Cassis. Saw it at Neimans the other day and it's gorgeous and versitile.
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  4. I tried on cassis, I find the color to be more "mature"
    rose thulian is pretty, almost like coquelicot but bit pinkish
    so depends on your age and if you are ok with a very bright pop color.
    my vote goes to rose thulian though~
  5. Cassis may be more versatile and 'year round' but rose thulian is definitely prettier and a refreshing pop of colour!

  6. Would you say it's raspberry-like?
  7. Hmm well I have a Celine nano in coquelicot, would rose Thulian be too similar?
  8. I had a Cassis mRGGH City and still have a Rose Thulian RH City. I ended up selling the Cassis because even though it was versatile, it felt sort of "blah" to me. I still think it's a gorgeous color, but ultimately, I love Rose Thulian more. And even though Rose Thulian could definitely be considered a bright pop of color, it actually is quite wearable! It may be somewhat similar to your celine nano in coquelicot, but it's definitely not a true red bag. I have posted comparison pics in another thread (Rose Thulian against red and pink items) that could help give you a better sense of the color. here's the thread, my photos are in post #7:
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  9. Rose Thulian is the one that is raspberry-like. This is assuming you mean the true raspberry colour, like the fruit itself. Pinkish red, reddish pink.

    Cassis is a very muted, understated, reddish-mauvish-brown. (That's how I would describe it)
  10. What colors do you typically wear?
  11. As an owner of a cassis you can guess what my answer is !!
  12. I also own cassis and find it a great year-round neutral...but then i'm not into brights for bags, so it depends, they're very different
  13. I agree with this statement.

    Then again, Rose Thulian appears as a very rich/deep pink to me and I'm not a huge fan of pinks.
    Like Love potion said, Cassis is a great year round color. And now with the fall, I especially love it.

    Here's a few comparsions with my Rose Thulian and Cassis.

    Attached Files:

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  14. ahh i'm really loving cassis! thanks for the pictures, this definitely helped!
  15. I have a mrggh day in cassis and a mrggh mini pompon in rose thulian. I would say that I love my cassis more than rose thulian as it is more versatile and matches the colours in my wardrobe more.

    Rose thulian is a raspberry, pinkish-red kind of colour and I would recommend it on accessories and smaller bags like a mini pompon or mini city if you are not into bright colours but wish to own one for a change. :smile: