Cassis Madeleine pm or Montaigne pm

  1. I can't decide which. These days I generally carry my bags over my arm or in hand as I a have a bit of a back problem. I sold all of my large totes and shoulder bags last year as it was too painful to carry them and even more painful to stare at them in the closet. Epi leather is light and I am able to carry the Madeleine GM without a problem.

    Most of the time I carry either a speedy 30 or my saleya pm. So the question is do I get the Montaigne pm and use it as an everyday bag or do I get the Madeleine pm and use it more when I get dressed up (weekends, parties etc...) The Madeleine is so cute but I won't take it to work as it won't fit all that I carry everyday. Do you guys thing a purple bag could be a fun everyday bag ... help?

  2. I love the Montaigne p.m. and think the dark purple would be beautiful!!
  3. i vote madleine. i found the montaigne to be a bit heavy!
  4. I agree about the Madeleine being a bit small ... though it'd defintely be a fun going out bag esp. in Cassis! But for everday and for work ~ the Montaigne PM sounds better! And it is such a lovely color ~ not too bold like the Grenade.

    How about the Passy in Cassis?
  5. I have the cassis madeline pm and have to say I was completely surprised at how much it holds. My normal bag is my neverfull mm or batignolles vertical and I carry a pochette wallet, sunglasses/case, agenda pm, coin purse and other random odds and ends. The only thing which won't fit in - which I always have with me - a bottle of water.

    I'm a fan of big bags, so was very pleasantly surprised at how much the madeline pm holds.
  6. ^^ oh can you post some pics of the bag as well as modelling pics?? thanks!
  7. I was thinking the same thing! :tup:
  8. definitely Montaigne!
  9. I would go with the Montaigne!
  10. Definitely Montaigne!