cassis a dream or real???

  1. please someone can tell me is there going to be a cassis lockit... I read all the forums.. they said this color is going to be in 5 or 7 bags... do you know the bags names... one of them is passy I think and the other one is the one on the pics... thanks for the info...:heart:
  2. I haven't been very updated in LV lately, but I think I saw a picture with both Montaigne PM and GM (bowling bags) made in Cassis...and then someone said Passy...I'm assuming PM and GM. I wouldn't be surprised if they do make the Lockit in Cassis though, since they've released so many new Lockits in 2007.
  3. ^ 2007 was the anniversary of the lockit so they may tone it down in 2008

    OP there are 7 bags being released I've narrowed down the options (i.e the one's they usually bring out in other colours) but it didn't really help it still left me with 14 options
    Sorry I just don't remember which bags it was on the list I tried to remember but I can't, I'm sure we'll have more info soon
  4. thanks kamran for your info... I hope there is a lockit on that color... I can get a passy but not on gm size. so huge for me I like the pm size. I also like the bowling ones but lockit is so classyyyyyyyyyyy. I want it so badly. maybe a soufflot:smile::confused1::wacko::p
  5. thank you for your great infos... I really like to buy the 2 new color on epi... and also thanks for your great infos and pics on the spring summer threat... if its ok I want to ask another question...:p do you know when is the new colors are on stores??? thank you so much..:flowers:
  6. I really would love a Cassis imagining it with a violette vernis cles dangling from it..mmm:drool: yum! if not, then YES a lockit would be amazing as well :yes::heart:
  7. I am not sure but somebody said there is not a speedy on that color... I think label addict can answer that question much better than me...
  8. ^ your right NO speedies in either colour or size apparently it doesn't sell well in epi

    I'm not sure on the release date but I think they'll give the violette the spotlight for a little while, so just guessing I'd say not Jan or Feb (valentines collection and first runway bags out then) maybe about March but it is only a guess
  9. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    *hold me* sniff...
  10. Sorry I should have broke it too you a little more gently
  11. When is the pomegranate color scheduled to be released?? I NEED a cles in this color:p
  12. :hysteric:march:hysteric:... thats so badddd:crybaby:... I hope in feb I can buy my new piece.but I have to I can buy another pieces till march then I can get my purple goodiesss:yahoo:
  13. ^^^Darn! I would have loved it in speedy as well!:sad:
  14. What color is Cassis? LOL, I don't know??
  15. I think it is the violet colour that was just released.