Cassis-any owners?

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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at a cassis Pompon but every photo I see shows the colour in a different aspect (big surprise, right?). Exactly how light/bright is cassis? Does it lean more toward burgundy/blue or burgundy/brown? If it's quite dark I'd love it, but if it leans to the light/bright/dark pink it's probably not for There don't seen to be a lot of mini Pompons on the pre-loved market that aren't in IMHO kind of odd colours so I was hoping this one would be it...any help would be appreciated!
  2. Cassis is a beautiful colour, tending to brown rather than blue imo although it's definitely not brown... and not pink either! It's not bright but I'd describe it as a lighter colour rather than a dark one. Hmmm.. not sure I'm being helpful. However, you say "If it's quite dark I'd love it" and so it may not be for you. It's an easy colour to wear though, and suits all seasons so maybe.. just maybe..!
  3. Hey woman! ~ I once had a Cassis City (pretty sure it was 2012 without looking it up)....It's definitely not bright, not light, & not pink. I'd call it more burgundy. It was a lovely saturated color (beautiful for fall/winter seasons especially but one could certainly use year-round....we just have 4 different seasons here & I do tend to use certain colors more in various seasons). I'm trying to think back to when I had it...I do not recall it seeming like it had blue tones to it. Some folks described it as the red "wine" color for Bal. Hope this helps a little! GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks gals, I've looked at this colour more than once and now there's a mini Pompon with's a perfect combo and your descriptions were really helpful :hugs:

    Gaahhhh, it sold! Always my fear when I post on the authenticate this thread, that someone else will see the post and snap up the bag....oh well, starting over on my hunt!
  5. I own a Cassis's very similar to this seasons Violet Prune (actually, its almost identical!). It a true Burgundy with some violet undertones...definitely a fall/winter shade.
  6. Awww, thanks, unfortunately the bag I was looking at was snapped up by someone faster than me...and I had already bonded with it :sad:
  7. lol, awww I know how that it is. It's happened to me once or twice already. Don't worry, it will turn up again...the bag Gods are with you! :smile:
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  8. Awww bummer!
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