cassis ALMA....not a dream

  1. I am checking the LV site. I am not sure which country I am looking but there is a cassis alma... I can not belive my eyessssssssssss.. the contry I am looking is under the latino america... yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:smile:))))))))))))))))))))):wlae::wlae:
  2. Is there anything else in cassis? Like, say, the petit noe? :whistle:
  3. no petit noe.. I am check the jasmin and no jasmin... I am really happy about the alma...:smile:))
  4. Hm I was just at the site and didn't see cassis listed for the epi alma. Can you post a link or a picture?
  5. maybe that's the elusive 7th bag!
  6. I can't find it either :sad:
  7. Ditto, just checked and I didn't see anything ?

    Could you take a screenshot of it ?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. yesss thanks Ayla... here she is... lovely isnt it?
  10. I was just coming to post that LOL pics not very true to life though looks black I saw the cassis montaigne today they are so pretty I love the new colours!!

    Anyone know is the lining contrast on the bags or just the slg?
  11. I would love a petit noe or speedy in Cassis!! :love:
  12. Such a classic!!!
  13. there's definately no noe or speedy shame really it'd be hot
  14. well it's the second best thing next to a lockit...yay! gimme one!