Cassie steel (The L.A. complex) bag

  1. This fringed bag that her character Abbey carries on the show:
    a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
  2. I tried watching the first part of the episode, but wasn't able to tell for certain - could you make out whether or not the fringe covers the whole bag, or is it just at the bottom?
  3. ^Awww thanks for that hun, i think the fringe covers the whole bag, the strap looks pretty long also, maybe made out of leather whilst the actual bag looks more like suede (if that makes sense, lol!)
  4. Awww thanks for that but i don't think it is that one, the one she carries looks like it has a thicker strap that is attached to the ends of the bag and the strap is really long :sad:
  5. Does nobody know?
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