Cassette, Jodie, or Shoulder Pouch...oh my!

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  1. Hey all! I have been researching each of the bags in the title for the last couple months, trying to decide which one I want...but I'm totally stuck and cannot decide. I love them all.

    Some thoughts:
    • I really love the color "ice," which seems to be a blue-grey. I don't have any blue bags, and I thiiiink I'd be able to work it into my wardrobe? I also like the white color they offer in the Cassette, and I have no white bags.
    • I have quite a few cross-body bags with fairly limited space (like Chanel bags), some hand-carry bags, but almost no shoulder bags. This is why I'm leaning toward the Jodie or Shoulder Pouch. I don't carry very much in my day-to-day, but I do like having the option.
    • I really dig the Shoulder Pouch in Cammello, but I have a Loewe Puzzle in tan, and I'm thinking they'd be too similar. Maybe not?
    • I usually wear jewel tones, or neutrals. Usually fairly casual with a little edge (like Vans high tops with a dress).
    Here are the options I'm considering:
    Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.17.12 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.17.32 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.17.46 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.18.06 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.18.44 PM.png

    Any thoughts? Do you own any of these bags and have a suggestion? Are these colors true to real life? Any suggestions based on my bullet points above? Thank you :smile:
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  2. It's a tough choice! The use is different for each bag. All I can say is that the Jodie is the roomiest one of all 3. So if you want to carry more and prefer a tote style, go for that. Please be aware that the cassette bag doesn't fit much. If you do a little search here you will find a video in the thread 'Jodie mini" of a what fits in the cassette. I can't comment on the shoulder pouch as I haven't tried it in person but esthetically speaking it's my least favorite of the 3.
    Regarding the colors, you will find a thread on the blue Jodie. It's a beautiful color.
    Good luck and let us know what you end up choosing :smile:
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  3. I like that blue. I like the Jodie best.
  4. Ice Jodie for me. Such fun dilemma to have!
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  5. Jodie!
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  6. Agreed with all - the Jodie. Most usability and best color ever! This shade is a neutral, for sure. If you want to jazz it up, add a brightly color scarf. Win-win!
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    The shoulder pouch is pretty to look at but a fairly impractical bag. The opening is quite small and it’s not easy to reach in and get things. And it’s quite expensive for cinched leather—but I admit to that being a subjective comment.

    Re the Jodie: I think you’ve got an image of the smallest one (??). It’s a cute bag and holds a phone, small wallet and maybe sunglasses. It’s hand carry. If this is the medium, you’re looking a good sized bag that will be easily be an everyday bag. The blue color will work well with your dress and sneaks look but I do fear the bag may be a bit large for the look (and since I’m thinking that way—the shoulder pouch might conflict with the dress/sneaks look).

    The padded cassette will hold a phone, small wallet, may be sunglasses. It’s a shame it doesn’t have more capacity. In that sense you may be better off with the non padded cassette bag. A bit more function and it has more range in terms of casual to dressy.

    The blue is a bit brighter — the periwinkle undertone is stronger. It’s pretty and I think is fairly neutral. I’m not sure how well it’d go with reds though. The Mist has a wee grey undertone but a warm grey.
    Good luck with your decision.

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  8. For the life of me I cannot get rid of the starry eye Bitmoji in the prior post. My apologies.
  9. I adore the pillowy cassette because it is so soft and trendy but with a classic feel. The light blue is so pretty, I can't work with white bags so I wouldn't advise that.
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  10. Thank you for al your replies! It’s funny, the Jodie was my least favorite of the three! But it’s definitely growing on me. I love the shoulder pouch, but I’m starting to feel like it may not hold it’s shape well.

    I have a feeling I’ll be buying the blue Jodie and the white Cassette this year. :smile:
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  11. I am thinking it’s constructed with a frame so it’s quite likely it’d hold its shape. Not positive on this though. But when I handled it I was struck by how ‘constructed’ it actually was.
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  12. Jodie in Ice; or Shoulder Pouch in Ice as a distant second.
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  13. Oh that’s interesting to hear! Thank you for sharing. I’m thinking that because it’s seems squishy, it may look kind of floppy? Like the indentations will look less “perfect” with regular use.
  14. I took the plunge and ordered two of the bags! Here are some pics of both (and my thoughts below!)...

    IMG_6701.jpg IMG_6700.jpg IMG_6699.jpg IMG_6698.jpg

    Jodie Bag (this is one size bigger than the mini -- so maybe the regular?)
    The color and leather are beautiful. I REALLY wanted to love this bag, but the shoulder strap is awkwardly wide. I imagine myself carrying this bag as a shoulder bag, so I don't think this would work for me. It does look cuter if you hand-carry it. The bag is stuffed in these photos, which does make it poofier, and when not stuffed it lays a little better against my body, though I do think it is quite a poofy bag, which makes it awkward to carry. Returning, sadly.

    Cassette Bag in white
    I was surprised by how big this bag is! I've seen it in tons of photos, but the size still surprised me. For reference, I'm about 5'9", 26 inch waist. I don't understand how this bag looks so cute as a crossbody bag in so many people's photos lol! It seems too large for that, in my opinion (even when I extend the strap). I do think it's cute as a shoulder bag though! Still pondering if I'm going to keep it. I will say that it's a BEAUTIFUL bag. I really do love it, it's just about 2 inches bigger than I think I was expecting it to be.
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    What does the Cassette bag hold? I've read a lot of reviews that say it's really 'small' inside and doesn't hold much. Thoughts? ETA: Forgot to thank you for the great two-in-one review, very informative and great photos!