Cassandre YSL Monogram Ostrich Top-Handle Bag

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  1. Anyone here own a Cassandre YSL top handle bag? How do you like yours?

    I think this bag is simply GORGEOUS! No. I'm not buying anything, but I thought I'd share. Maybe this is an old lady bag, but I'm getting old and it's very classic. I can see it with a white shirt, jeans, and pearls. As well as with a slim cut black pantsuit. Well done Saint Laurent!
    NMV4DHP_9R_m.jpeg NMV4DHP_az.jpg NMV4DHP_cz.jpg
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  2. I looooove this shade of ostrich. I'm not a top-handle bag fan because I like to be hands-free, but it seems to be the trendy shape of the moment. Celine has a top-handle bag, and I just saw another thread on the Chanel Trendy in a similar style.
  3. Yes. This is my favorite shade in ostrich. Every other color seems to draw away from the beauty of this exotic skin.

    I have a non-brand shoulder flap I bought from the streets in Italy in this ostrich color and I love it to death.
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  4. Funny you mention that because when I was in Italy I was hunting for a no-brand ostrich (or textured leather) bag like this! What city did you find the bag?
  5. Milan. I bought it about 12+ years ago. Not sure if the little store even exists anymore. But I can try to show you a pic when I dig it out of my closet. I love non-brand rare finds! :heart::heart::heart:
  6. I would appreciate that, thank you! I looked all over Florence but it seemed like many of the street vendors sold the same wares mass-produced in the same factory, so I ended up not buying any bags there.
  7. Don't own the bag but it's pretty classic in shape and amazing in ostrich :heart:
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  8. Here you go. The size is similar to the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, except it's a shoulder bag, and much flatter, but the same accordion structure inside. Because it's ostrich, this bag is super lightweight. The color is slightly lighter in photo because of flash. But you get the idea.

    IMG_1786.jpg IMG_1783.JPG IMG_1785.jpg
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  9. It's beautiful! If I saw that today, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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  10. It's such a gorgeous bag. It is still on my wishlist. There is a thread dedicated the the YSL Cassandra Monogram flap bag including this top handle version with pictures etc. Here is the link :smile:
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