Casino style party..

  1. Ok - for my 25th (:sad:) birthday i'm having a casino style party and I need my fellow tPf friends to help me decide which outfit to wear.

    Outfit 1 -
    Forever 21 dress
    CL pumps or slingbacks
    Banana republic earings

    Outfit 2 -
    Fcuk dress
    Cl decolletes

    Outfit 3 -
    Black miss selfridge dress
    Blue cropped jacket
    Metalic ronaldos

    Outfit 4 -
    Ysl Tribute
    Oli satin dress

    The plan was, if I was wearing black, everybody else was to wear red, yellow, white or red. If I was wearing yellow, everyone else can wear black, white or red .. and so on.
    Please Help!:girlsigh:
    c5.jpg c3.jpg O1.jpg c4.jpg
  2. All are great outfits, but I liked # 2 the best
  3. i choose the last set..
  4. They last set. Its a really good theme outfit especially for a casino party.

    Ginger, from the movie Casino wore something similiar.
  5. The last outfit ... more "casino." I do like the second outfit, but a bit casual.
  6. I love the first and last outfits. LOVE the metallic Rolando!!
  7. For a Casino theme, I`d go with the last set :yes:
  8. Thanks ladies!

    I really love the last set - but i'm thinking more of the black patent ronaldo (set 1)

    Keep these comments coming! ;)
  9. 1 or 4! If you think you'll be dancing a lot I would go with 1.

    I love how the pictures look all neat and pretty!
  10. I like 2 or 4. The black dress is gorgeous, but yellow might be more fun!
  11. Outfit 4 -
    Ysl Tribute
    Oli satin dress

    ...this outfit just screams Casino (and chic) to me... and by the way... love the pumps.. they're very Eva Green in Casino Royal when she arrives to the room in the poker scene :p.
    And u can wear a bejeweled clutch (which will give to the look that final touch of glamour)
  12. I think I like the black patent Rolando more than the YSL for the last dress. :yes:
  13. Outfit #4. Those YSL Tributes are hot :drool:

    Don't be sad about turning 25! I turned 25 last year and have had more fun than ever! As the saying goes, age is just a number ;)
  14. Ok ladies, i'm wearing outfit 4. - With the ysl tributes and a pair of flats in my bag :roflmfao: ;)

    Thanks for your help!
  15. ^Just saw you chose the last dress...great choice! I love that dress and the first one.