Casino Royale

  1. So I went with my buds tonight to go watch Casino Royale (which by the way is an excellent movie), and what did I see??? The storefront of Louis Vuitton Venice!!! I was very excited to see that hope you all enjoy that!
  2. mmm i wanna see this movie soon.. daniel craig's body is absolutely delicious.
  3. No way! More reasons to go see that movie now besides half naked Daniel Craig...
  4. i love lv and all but im going to see him lol

    that part when he gets out of the water with those small trunks on...

  5. I want to see the movie.
  6. Daniel Craig is the best Bond I've ever seen (sorry Connery). Everyone go see it now! The movie is the best 007 ever and Craig is so sexy I put up a poster of him in that scene coming out of the water on my wall at work hehe. Amazing flick!
    And yes I noticed the LV store too hehe

  7. Matt, he's my husband!!! Hands off! ;) Seriously though....ITA about the water scene!!!! :shame:
  8. haha ^ thats fine! i have a couple husbands as of right now ryan reynolds, marc jacobs, channing tatum, christian ronaldo (spelling) Marcs bf, i forget his name

    my hands are full
  9. oh and TOM FORD!! OMG the things I would do!

    that 5'oclock shadow he has makes me melt!!
  10. Tom Ford is so hot!!! You have good taste Matt!! :yes:
  11. Thank you lol

    uhhh now i start class in like 10 min and i have to go in and I cant get Tom Ford off my mind now!!
  12. Tom Ford appreciation post
    Daniel Craig appreciation post

  13. :yes: :yes: just like Halle berry's scene..

  14. Thank you for posting these!!! ;):love:
  15. Oh man...I love it when guys have those nice rounded pecs. Hmm...I just like to grab them suckers and squeeze .....oops...did I just say that! :shame: :rochard: