Casino Royale - Whats that white phone?

  1. Anyone seen Casino Royale yet? Love Dan Craig's bod.
    Btw, does anyone know the brand and model number of Eva Green's cell phone? The white one.
    I think the one that James Bond carried is the Sony Ericsson K800i but not sure if Eva Green's character has the same phone.
  2. I'm not entirely sure, but I think all electronics in the film are from Sony.
    DVD comes out on Tuesday!
  3. it's the Sony M600i :yes:
  4. Oh man I gotta watch this show...
  5. That was a good movie! It was better than I thought it would be. Probably one of the best Bond films I've seen in years. Daniel Craig is extremely hot! :drool:
  6. I always like Pierce as James Bond so I was a bit skeptical that I would love Dan Craig as Bond. But I love him now. He is the rugged Bond!