Cashmere sweaters - how to take care?

  1. I love feeling up the cashmere, so soft and fluffy. But I'm always super careful when wearing them that I can't really enjoy it! So I end up sticking with good ole wool. How do you take care of cashmere sweaters? Do you do dryclean or handwash? Does hold up pretty well against frequent wear? Do you care much about cashmere quality? I see a huge price difference but frankly, they all feel the same (awesome) to me.
  2. I am not a cashemere snob by any means. I have a $50.00 cashmere sweater that has held up better than my $210.00 one from Nordy's. I have never hand washed mine...I am a dry clean only girl. They hold up well with decent use but some do get those fuzz balls. I pick them off my hand rather than using a garment shaver. They do absorb smells very easily so I try to avoid going to restaurants that have strong smells (such as fried food, smoke, BBQ etc)
  3. My mom just gave me an article about care for cashmere. I'll have to look for it tonight and post back w/ what it said.

  4. It depends. If its 100% cashmere they can be washed. I have many Ralph Lauren Black Label and I have handwashed with Woolite and laid flat to dry with no harm done. If is a cashmere silk blend then it needs to be dry cleaned only and washing will ruin it. NOTE: NEVER, NEVER dry them in a dryer or they will shrink so only a poodle can fit them. :lol: :yes:
  5. Here's a great article about caring for your cashmere; I wash all of my cashmere according to her directions and have had great results!

    (If you have time, check out her other blogs on shopping for cashmere, etc....she really knows what she's talking about! You can find a menu for her most popular blogs on the lower right hand side of the menu on her page!):smile:
  6. Thanks everyone! That girl's blog is really helpful!
  7. I have handwashed but also machine washed, I washed a pringle cardigan and a whistles one too in the machine, I did it on 30 and they were fine, more fluffy and soft than before actually!

  8. As venusfly mentioned, 100% cashmere can definitely be washed. I am too lazy to handwash all of my cashmere so it goes in the machine on the gentle cycle with Woolite, and then I typically either hang the items to dry. I have never had a problem, and, in fact, cashmere seems to be even softer once it is washed.
  9. cool! i hate handwashing.
  10. I just send all my cashmere sweaters to the dry cleaner. It's easier and less work on my part. :p
  11. On a semi-related note, does anyone know wear to buy those special wool brushes that can be used on coats, sweaters, etc? They prevent pilling etc
  12. Totally ignored the second part of your question. Holes are usually the sign of wear that I worry about (pilling can be remove). In my experience thicker/heavier cashmere tends to develop holes less frequently. But unfortunately, heavier/thicker ply cashmere tends to have higher price points so maybe price/ply does factor into how well a sweater holds up?
  13. I usually alternate between dry cleaning & handwashing depending on how busy (or lazy) I am. I've had great results with both. When I handwash & there's a spot I will usually spray sa little spray & wash stain remover & gently rub together. Then I place the sweater in cold water w/woolite, soak for about 10 mins. I pour out the water & rinse to get all the suds out. Then I gently squeeze the water out being careful not to ring or twist. Then I get a large towel similar in color to my sweater & lay it flat. Then I roll the towel w/ the sweater in it to get the excess water out even more. Then I get a dry towel & lay the sweater flat onto it to let dry.
  14. i also wash in the delicate cycle and then lay flat to dry.