cashmere sweater deals?

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  1. hello, does anyone know any site where i can find good deals on cashmere sweaters? thanks in advance!
  2. good question! sorry i can't help but id love to know so im going to keep my eyes on this thread.
  3. What is a deal to you? Department stores all have their own branded cashmere sweaters and I find them pretty nice. Neiman's and Bloomingdale's both have varieties. J. Crew also makes nice cashmere sweaters and are relatively inexpensive compared to, say, TSE. The sweaters go on sale frequently too.

    However, if by deal you mean dirt cheap $50, Macy's has sale cashmere sweaters and when it's one of those super sales you can probably get the Charter Club ones for cheap.
  4. also, victoria secret has a bunch of cashmere silk blend ones that are pretty decent for the price.
  5. Hautelook has a cashmere sale right now!
  6. ^^^
    be careful with that sale. hardly ANY of the sweaters are 100% cashmere and many have no cashmere at all and are just cotton/viscose blends or all cotton.
  7. thanks everyone! yes. i was looking for ones around 80-120 i guess. most of the ones i found in bloomies/nordstrom/nm were like 200-400.
  8. If you're in NYC, Loro Piana is having a sample sale at Soffier Haskin until Thursday.

    70-80%! which makes the sweater now around 180-200. but this is triple ply and the best cashmere there is.
  9. Loehmanns and Filene's Basement have a nice selection of cashmere sweaters for around $80-$100....I got a beautiful gray 100% cashmere cardigan for $80 at Loehmanns.

  10. I was just there yesterday! But it's only half off... Thursday there will be final reduction, but most of the good ones will be gone before then...
  11. Marshalls/TJ Maxx usually has cashmere from $40-$80. Even less on sale! Good luck. HTH
  12. Lord and Taylor is always good for cashmere sweaters under $100, lots of different styles and colors.
  13. Just got a postcard from Bloomies. I think starting Thursday through perhaps Sunday, their AQUA line cashmere is buy one get the second 50% off.
  14. Splurge on great quality cashmere if you can, it'll be worth it. Cheap cashmere or cashmere blend ones pill easily and sometimes they don't last more than a winter or two. Some items might just be worth the extra bucks.
  15. check out - they have Autumn Cashmere for sale today
    also J Crew has some nice cashmere sweaters for reasonable prices