Cashmere scarf, which size, large or regular?

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  1. I'm new in as for Burberry and have been dreaming of a cashmere scarf for years. The regular size seems short to me though, or is it alright in use? Could someone please post pics wearing their regular sized cashmere scarves? And also, if anyone has the large size, do you love it? And pics would be highly appreciated as well! Thanks in advance :smile:
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  2. I think the larger size is more versatile. Sorry, no pics but DD has kids size and I have a larger size in addition to a few capes and love them. I would also suggest looking at capes, you can wear them as big blanket scarves.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I did look at the capes on the website as well, but I think they may be out of my price range. How thick is the material in the large size scarf? I mean is it easy to wrap it around your neck, or does it feel stiff? I'm asking this because I have one Mulberry cashmere scarf and it truly is such thick material and is so stiff that it is hard to wrap around without choking :biggrin:
  4. Did you try an outlet? I bought the cashmere gray (dark on one side and light on the other w leather trim) for $1k before taxes from Woodbury. I did try on another that was a little less expensive but not fully cashmere.

    I personally love the feeling of all Burberry's scarves and some are more thick but just as soft. I think you may need to try and feel them to find your preference.

    Also, the kid size one I bought from the Nov sale. Maybe narrow it down and then see what comes on sale online during that big sale, assuming they have it again.

    If your concerned about size but not fabric, maybe look at LV. I have the gray denim shine shall and it is huge, soft and very light weight. It may be less $ than B. But, not cashmere. If I had to choose one I would go w B's.

    I have the following from B: silk and another fabric mixed in light weight (gaize-like) scarf in classic plaid, black and creme cape, smoked check cape and the aforementioned cape. DD has plum plaid scarf. Cute for her but too small for me unless it just hangs around my neck. Good luck!
  5. Hi, I have a separate question.

    Which do you recommend - Light cashmere scarf, or original thickness scarf? I was leaning towards the Light cashmere because it seems more versatile for my needs...but I'm wondering if it might be too *delicate* and whether the regular cashmere is a better buy for long-term use.

    Anyone with experience using the Light cashmere?
  6. I own two of Burberry's lightweight cashmere and silk "Gauze" scarves and love them. Except for the hottest parts of summer I use them year round. I don't find them delicate at all and this comes from someone who really uses her belongings. I am not one to baby my items and these scarves have held up very well.
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  7. Thank you! I was thinking the same, myself - the light cashmere would suit fall, winter, and spring (except maybe the extremely cold Canadian days). I was just worried they would fray faster but it's good to hear they hold up. :heart:
  8. I have two burberry silk blends scarves (one blended with cashmere, the other blended with wool) and a full cashmere Johnstons of Elgin scarf (HBC branded rather than made for Burberry). I would recommend the regular cashmere scarf if you intend to wear it throughout the Canadian winter. I am pretty sure you would be happy with the quality of any Burberry scarf though.
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  9. What does HBC mean? I just looked at those scarves and they really look beautiful.
  10. I was actually thinking the same way as you. :smile: Burberry light cashmere for most of the year, and a Johnstons of Elgin full/regular thickness scarf for the really cold winter days.
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  11. HBC stands for the Hudson's Bay Company. It is a Canadian department store and probably the oldest retailer in Canada that dates back to the fur trade and colonization of Canada. They are famous for their wool blankets, which were very popular with First Nations people for their warmth and durability. Today, HBC also own Saks and a few other luxury retailers. Their HBC branded scarves, which bear their iconic stripes and point marks from the blankets are manufactured by the same company that manufactures wool and cashmere scarves for Burberry, in similar dimensions, but for a much more affordable price. Both of my silk blended Burberry scarves were made in Italy.
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  12. Thank you so M has for the thorough explanation!
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  13. I love their cashmere scarves I own several. I need the mega check, whenever I buy standard I regret it as it's just a tad to short. I got my first light weight cashmere recently, I'm nervous about it cause it I get hot easily and don't want sweat to ruin it lol.