Cashmere scarf pull and repair

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  1. Dear all
    So I have my first full on my cashmere scarf, it happens but I want to get it repaired. Ive seen the tutorial but Im to heavy handed to do it without making it a whole lot worse. Im based in London, can anyone recommend anyone to repair the pull or can my local Hermes recommend someone.
    Its only small, hardly noticeable but I know its there and it will drive me crazy
  2. If you are not comfy handling the repair on your own than I would bring it to your local Hermes..They will likely send it
    out & it should like fine upon return...
  3. My London Hermes store no longer accept scarf repairs or cleaning. It's been stopped few years ago.
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  4. Do you know if Harrod's has a service to repair a scarf or perhaps a tailor in the London area
    that you can suggest to OP
  5. This is an older post from Mai Tai, but it looks like the repair place that she sent her shawl to is still in business. Good luck!
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  6. Thanks all, I did find Mai Tai's post on a good repair place, I think I will wear it for the rest of the winter and send it away for a summer spa holiday
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  7. Nothing of the kind I know of I am afraid. I repaired several shawls myself following the tutorial in the thread Julide posted and don't plan to use any 3rd party repair service. I just let mine be now as you will always get pulls/snags.
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  8. Good to have this info on file.. Thanks for sharing
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