Cashmere mmmmmm

  1. I'm off to a wedding on the weekend and fearful that there might be a chill in the air I needed something to wear with my new dress.

    So I waited in for the Fedex guy.... and he brightened up my day with this...
  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Congratulations!
  3. love it! please post modeling pics when you have a chance!
  4. Just gorgeous!!!!

    Hermes shawls are just so wonderful...easy to wear yet warm too!!! Amazing stuff!
  5. Thanks Jag and Kim. I'm still struggling with pic loading :shame: but I'm having a little play with my outfit so I'm gonna try again.
  6. What a fabulous splash of colour!! They are the perfect way to enhance a black outfit for me. I :heart:the shawls. So soft!
  7. It's the most amazing texture. I've fiddled with them in store but once you can get it home and sqaush it up and smoosh it around mmmmmm
  8. Funny you should say that Xquisite...
  9. LOVE IT!!!!! I saw the exact one today in the cream/taupe colorway and it was LUST at first sight!!!! So gorgeous!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  10. You will look stunning! Congrats!
  11. Careful Handy, you will make the bride look bad.

  12. Oh, Handybags, that combo is TDF!!! Just gorgeous!!

  13. are gonna look amazing!

    And I LOVE your Kelly clutch!
  14. QM, Shopmom, HarleyNemma, Fleur, Rose and Emanu
    thanks :heart:

    I need to give a thank you to Orchids who recommended these to me some time ago. She told me they were fine and warm at the same time... how right she is!!
  15. Oh la la Handybags. Tres chic!!