Cashmere Grey now Motty Grey ?

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  1. I went into Selfridges yesterday to look at the grey Chloe Marcie as i had only seen it on line. When i asked the SA what colour it was she said Motty Grey. Now, i know it wasnt Motty Grey as i have one, then she said its was originally Cashmere Grey and its been re named Motty Grey.
    I would be pretty dissapointed if i had ordered this on line and recieved what i knew to be Cahmere when in fact i wanted Motty.

    I just dont get the reasoning behind it
  2. i owned a cashmere grey paraty and it was a true grey. the motty grey looks like a taupe-grey to me. i don't think they're the same color at all. doesn't make sense that it's been renamed! maybe SA is confused??
  3. Nope, she seemed to know what she was talking about as i questioned it more than once out of confusion. Even tried to convince me the Drew that was so obviously Motty Grey was the same as re named Marcie ( obviously Cashmere Grey) but it was the different leathers that made it look different.
    Thats when i walk away......when they think you are stupid
  4. I just purchased the marcie medium satchel in cashmere grey yesterday. I didn't even know about any other grey color.So I don't think they renamed it, might just be a new color.