CASHBACK for shopping at Bluefly, Nordies, Eluxury, etc

  1. Hello all, wanted to tell you guys about this great site:

    It's free to join and they have hundreds of stores that offer cashback! Bluefly and Eluxury is 5% and hundreds of other stores. They also have a lot of coupon codes! Also they are offer $5 cash back for signing up. Check it out!
  2. Cool, Tnx For The Tip!
  3. have you received a check from them as of yet?
  4. I shop a lot online, so this is great. Since Dec. I have gotten back about 36 bucks. They pay me through paypal.
  5. I had signed up with them last Fall and received my check in January. I still use ****** more though.
  6. I'm using them and getticng my checks regulary. Great service.