Cash tip for massage therapist?

  1. Hi all,

    If any of you have gone to a massage therapist in a chiropractor or accupuncture office/clinic, have you or do you leave a tip for your massage therapist or do you just pay the rate they charge?

    For instance if they charge $60/per 30 minute massage, do you tip them & how much??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I used to be a receptionist for a massage therapy place and it was about 50/50 of who would and wouldn't tip. People usually left from 10-20%. HTH
  3. ^ooooh, thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!!! that definitely helps!
    i'm going to be going to this place a lot for chiropractic/accupuncture, so i don't want to be embarassed not doing what you're supposed to, you know?
  4. ^ When I had a chiropractic massage done I didn't tip. The place was like a doctor's office, so it just seemed weird. When I've had them done at spas, I've given 20% :shrugs:
  5. ^thanks! that's good info. to weigh out too. the place i go to is pretty much a natural cure doctor office type place...hmmmmmm
    i'll def. have to think of that too.
  6. ^^^I have massages at a chiropractors office, a massage therapists office, and sometimes a spa. Usually I tip 10% at the first 2 mentioned and 20% at the spa. I think they are used to getting bigger tips there and it would look weird to only do 10%. I would still tip at a doctors office especially if you find out they are paying for the space. That is usually how it works.
  7. i have had acupuncture treatment several times at my school and i see a chiropractor regularly. i havent had any massage treatment yet. in regards to chiro..

    tipping is not something i would think of. i am a very generous tipper in restaurants, hotel services, valet parking, etc. but i dont think a chiro is someone that would really need a tip

    i have talked to some waitresses that said they could not survive without their tips. and i do tip them generously. however, chiropractic services are very expensive, and they make a comfortable living for the service they provide. and this is information i've gathered from the conversations/experience i have had with the chiro's at school. it'd make even more sense not to tip if your chiro was independent/had their own studio space.

    let's put it like this.. if i knew waitresses were earning $30/hr, i would not tip as generously. tipping a chiro, for me, would be like tipping a doctor. not something i'd think of.
  8. it it were a doctor's office type setting i wouldn't tip.
  9. For me,
    Spa = 20% tip
    Doctor's office = no tip
  10. I am A LCMT and you can definetly tip rather in a dr. office or a spa. Thats how we get paid and we also have to pay a % to the office or spa. you should tip based on how the the therapist treated you and was helpful to your needs. HTH....
  11. in a dr office setting i dont think it would even occur to me to tip. in a spa i tip at least 20, if not 25 for a great job
  12. doctors office setting, no tip.
    at a spa, 15 - 20% depending on how good the massage was.
  13. ita!
  14. My chiropractor's office recently got a massage therapist. After I had my first session, I quietly whispered to the receptionist if I'm supposed to tip. She smiled and said "no."

    At my spa place, I tip $10 to $15 depending on how well I liked the session (hour-long).

  15. same here