Cash or charge your LV?


Cash or charge your LV

  1. cash/debit

  2. charge

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  1. Here's a quick question. How do you pay for your beloved LVs? Do you use the fantastic plastic or do you pay in full with cash/debit? :idea:
  2. My very first (15 yrs. ago) was a gift from my dear grandparents. The others I saved up, drove the 3.5 hours to Atlanta, GA to buy and paid cash. My most recent purchase tho, last week, I ordered from e-lux as I didn't want to drive to Atlanta, so I used my credit card.
  3. I use cc's and pay them off every month that way I get points and can use ****** online, etc. etc.
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  5. I've always used my check card for all my LV purchases. The only time my DH and I use cc's is when it's mandatory, car rental, hotel stays, etc. Everything else gets paid with the debit card.
  6. i always use charge. at least i can get 1% back on the CC. it adds up!
  7. Cash/Debit, more debit. The only thing I paid cash for was the tax once and then did debit the rest. I dont want to carry around HUGE $ like that.

    And I dont trust myself with a credit card lol
  8. I wish I had a credit card! But because I have a yucky credit card situation (which involves the 3 credit card bureaus thinking I'm stealing someone's own sister! :rolleyes: ), I use debit. Honestly, I think debit creates as much cognitive dissonance as a credit card...until you see your bank statement at the end of the month. Ouch...:push:
  9. I usually try to save up and pay by cash/debit card. I've only charged a couple of things, usually when it's unexpected, like getting called from being on a waitlist, or if I want something really bad.
  10. i wish i had the patience like some of you to save. i need patience! argh! instant gratification always wins for some reason...
  11. I only have a debit card:shame:
  12. I use debit card, don't really want to get used to the idea using CC..
  13. I charge then pay off when the bill comes..we get reward points!!
  14. Cash. When buying online, I use a cc and write the check to pay it off the same day.
  15. Debit!