Cash Graduation Gift !

  1. What would be the appropriate cash gift range for a college graduate?
  2. I think it depends on how well you know the graduate. I received $100+ from most of my close family members. Friends of the family and people that I'm not super close with gave me anything in the range of $25-100. If you're not too close with the person, I think $50 is a pretty standard amount (maybe?) :smile:
  3. Aquaintances of my parents gave me like $25-$50. Or small gifts. Or some did cutesy things like $20.04 since I had graduated in 2004 with a small gift.
    From closer family friends, $50-100.
    Family $100-$1000+
  4. If it's your friend $50.00 to $100.00 but if it's one of your family members it should be $100.00 +.
  5. agreeing with the rest of the ladies: friends $50+ and family $100-$3000
  6. An MC Speedy! LOL :roflmfao: that's what all the eBay auctions say around May/June- "perfect grad gift!"
  7. pay off that person's student loan j/k
  8. ^^ good one!

  9. LOL, that would be the dream graduation gift.

    I received anywhere from $50-300 from family/friends.
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