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  1. So I been driving my bfs car for past half year. And we recently move to the new apartment so I had to move my car from the old apartment today. I realized the battery is out and no gas (My stupid bf drove to fast food store when my gas tank was empty and made it less gas). So I got gas tank thingy and jump cable from store. I put gas in then jump started with my friends car. Battery turns on but engine doesnt turn on. So I just lefted the car there..
    Now heres the question.

    Have anybody tried those cash for car company??? Are they legit? Im scared since everything is under my name.

  2. Why wouldn't you want to call a mechanic and tow truck to see what's wrong with your car first?
  3. it might be a really easy fix, if so then have it fixed then sell it yourself. you'll make a LOT more money off of it rather than selling it to one of those 'cash for your car' places.
  4. Why not have your b'f go out and look at the car, I could be something simply. If you dont need the car and arent going to miss it then sell it.. no point having something so big around when its not needed.
  5. It could be something simple......Corrosion on the battery cables, a loose battery cable. It could also be an alternator problem. You can go to places like Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Pep Boys & they will test your alternator for free.
  6. Actually I know much more car stuff then my bf... And the problem might be that there is too much leafs inside the car engine... (when I opened up the engine it was a lot of leaves)
    One car works for us because my bf bikes to school and I drive the car to school. And having two car is totally sucks double the registration fee and stuff. We are moving to canada next year so even though I fix it I still have to sell it...
    Thats why I want to get rid of car... so I was just wondering if anybody did that before
  7. my dad has donated old cars twice and we got money back when we did our taxes i dont remember how much we had no probs once you sign the title over the car isnt yours so make sure you either get the cash then or all the paperwork you need before you give away your car
  8. I like the idea of donating a car and have done it once, to a home for teenagers. Made me feel good.
  9. Try an ad. There is always a buyer for anything.
  10. My boyfriend recently donated his first car, he gets a $500 write off and if they sell it for more than $500 he gets the difference.
  11. I guess it depends on how much the car is worth, but generally anything that gives you instant cash for something is going to give you a rock-bottom amount so it's better just to donate it.
  12. umm i cant do the tax thing since im foreign citizen.. no tax refund for me...
    if its in a good condition it might worth around 4000 but umm now its like not working if I get 2000 ill be happy.. im gonna try to tow my car to my new house tomorrow and see if I can list on craigslist if not then ill try those things
  13. if its really a difference of $2k between working and not working, y not take it to a mechanic and see if it would only cost a couple of hundred to fix. itd prob be worth it
  14. Those cash for car places are legit. Just make sure they are bonded.

    If this is what you intend on doing. Or you can always donate the car.. for a tax write off at the end of the year.
  15. call AAA, they can diagnose or tow you