Cash/check for ebay auction paymt?

  1. A seller on an auction I'm looking at is requiring only cash/check for as payment and it's a significant amount. Are you safe if you pay with these methods if you win the ebay auction :confused1: Thanks!
  2. There is no way that I would pay in Cash or Check- protect yourself by using your Credit Card. I would not feel comfortable at all with the payment method and pass on the auction. IMO
  3. I think if you use a personal check, the bank can fight the charge if it turns out to be a scam. I would never send cash.
  4. OK thanks girls. I don't think I'll do either and hold off for now. Thanks!
  5. Let me tell you about my experience. Perhaps, you may want to be a little vigilent.

    Last year, I won the bid on a Coach bag for $350. I was thrilled because similar bags were sold for much more on eBay at the time. When I started to make payment using my Paypal acount, I realized that the seller stated very clearly in the listing that he wanted only cashier check or money order. Instantly, I started panicking, because the first and last time I paid any eBay item without using a credit card/Paypal was for my first fake Coach bag purchase. It was such a horrible experience that I have since become cautious.

    I then contacted the seller to ask for his Paypal account for payment. He replied saying he did not have any Paypal account. Still cautious, I checked his other items for sale at the time. He was listing about ten digital cameras. Odd mixture of one designer handbag and bunch of digital cameras? Smelling something fishy, I proceeded to read through his feedback for items that he successfully sold before. (BTW, he had 100% feeback selling hundreds of legititmate items, not penny items.) Then, I noticed that about one month before, he always allowed payment using Paypal. Confused, I contacted him again about it. He said he was using his friend's Paypal account, and he friend was away. So, I asked him to ask for his friend's account again when his friend returned. Anyway, he kept asking for check or money order, and I kept stalling. Although that I wanted the bag very much, and that I felt obligated to honor the deal, I wanted to wait and see the outcome of his other auctions.

    Since I marked down all his listings, I was able to contact the first three of his new buyers to ask for their expereince. (Of course, now we cannot do this, because eBay changed the software, and disallowed ebayers from contacting other eBayers who have no active listings.) Only one person responded, and he cried scam. I knew then I saved myself from being scammed. Relieved for myself. I felt sorry for the guy, and gave him instructions about filing an ebay claim and a criminal complaint with the Attorney General (That's how I got all my money back last time.)

    I proceeded to contact the rest of his new buyers to warn them as well. A few responded and thanked me. Two and a half weeks later, other negative feedback started pouring in from frustrated and angry buyers. Oh well. can't save everybody.

    As for you, I advise you to insist on using a credit card or Paypal. because you can always reverse charge. Just in case the seller is honest, perhaps you can contact the seller about credit card payment first. After all, you like the bag and you won the bid with a great price (I assume).
  6. I totally understand where you are coming from re Paypal, but myself and a few of my friends have stopped taking paypal now...way too many problems with charge backs etc. So not all 'cheque only' sellers are frauds...
  7. With sellers who take only money orders, checks, etc. I would be extra-careful. I have bought from a couple, but they had lots of feedback and an actual store address and phone number (which I called).
  8. Yes I would agree with boxermom....make sure they have loads of feedback etc
  9. The crooked seller had 100% positive feedback (hundreds) for a few years. Ever since I was scammed the first time, I made sure that I was dealing with sellers who had a long history of positive feedback. Still, it was a set-up! I suspect what happened is that the account was stolen or transferred to a different person.

    Anyway, I agree with you that there are honest sellers who do not want Paypal/credit card because of the high fees. Since I do not want to take any chance, I generally stay away from purchases which I can not pay with a credit card. With a credit card, I can always reverse charge, and get back my money quickly. I do not rely on eBay or Paypal alone. Their claim process is very painful and lengthy (1/2-yr long before I got back a portion of my money). Besides, there is a $200 limit for claim and the first $25 is deducted from your refund.
  10. honestly, like everyone says, it's not worth the risk to send only money order or check, i don't know how much the item is but God forbid you have a problem, because it'll be impossible to fix. I had a horrible problem with an ebayer who sold "authentic" chanel bags, perfect feedback, others of the same bag, yada yada yada, bottom line, it was a scam, regardless and thankfully i have a shot of getting my money back....ebay's so sad now, i don't even want to use it anymore...
  11. ohhh....:sad: I am so getting more depressed after reading this thread...
    i just hope I didn't get scammed...
    if I am...(God forbid!) is there no other way to get your money back
    if you paid with a CASHIER's CHECK?
    is it really just the $200-$25 from ebay...?:sad:
    Is the Atty General in ebay? ... sorry so clueless:confused1:
  12. yeah, more and more people are not using paypal because of their problems ... I recently completed two transactions where the users don't/can't use paypal anymore, so I accepted checks. ALWAYS send checks, as they are linked to your bank account and your bank will be able to help you fight it if needed, and send the check priority. both of these people send their checks last tuesday and I still haven't gotten them ... I know it's not their problem that the mail is being slow, but it's getting annoying waiting for them every day. :cursing:
  13. Dear Sarsi,
    After 6 months of a painful process, I finally got a refund of $175 from eBay. So, I lost the shipping (not counted towards refund) plus the difference between the auction price and $175.
    I filed a criminal compalint againt the seller with the Internet Complaint Center (IFCC) at the same time as my eBay claim process. I filed it online. Since I have the seller's address and bank account information for IFCC, IFCC was able to locate the seller/partner for a summon. The seller/partner contacted me asking me to drop all charges. In return, she refunded me with the difference. I am not sure if IFCC would take action for all cases.
    Sorry if it is a scam in your case. Let's hope not!
  14. Oh Goodness! I hope not!!! but it sure seem like its going to be...:sad:
    Did you have to pay any fee to IFCC and how do you get to get your case to them?
    Sorry for all the questions... I just want to be ready, just incase...
    I hope you dont mind if I pm you for information,
    I'm not much of a computer literate...:shame:
  15. IFCC is a part of the US government. The complaint filing is free for all. Just google search IFCC to get to the website. You can find the claim form online and file it there.

    Since there are so many fradulent online (white-collar crime) cases, I did not expect the government would get to my case, let alone getting any money back from the process. I filed with the IFCC because I want the crook(s) be caught and punished. The crooked seller scammed many people at the time. He/she shipped me a fake Coach bag directly from a factory in China, although the listing clearly stated the item was in the US. After I received her fake bag, she was still continuing her scam on eBay. I marked down the listing numbers of all her listings, so I got hold of about 15 of her victims. I formed a network group and summarized the details of the purchase. With the information, I was able to provide to the US Attorney's Office. The bottom line is that I suspect the US Attorney took notice of my case because the scam involved many people and international counterfeit dealings. As for your case, I am not sure about the situation, so I can't be as hopeful.

    In either case, if your bag turns out to be fake, file an eBay claim process. At least you get some money back. However, make sure you get a letter of authenticity to prove that the seller sold you a replica. You may want to get the letter from this forum. The girls here are qualified people whose opinion would count as expert judgement acceptable by the eBay Claim process.

    The reason that I advise you to have the letter handy is that, once eBay contact you to officially give you a case number for your claim, they give you only 2 weeks to produce the letter. Since the Coach authentication process takes 6-8 weeks, you will have no time. I know some victims from my network group had to give up the claim money, because they could not get the letter in time or they did not have a local Coach store. (Another eBay trap!)

    Yes, pm me if you have more questions.