Cash and Card Case?

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  1. Hi everyone! For those who carry a card case/card holder with a small purse--what do you do with your cash? Do you try to fit it into the top opening of the holder or do you do something else with it entirely? Thanks!
  2. I use card cases exclusively, but rare carry cash. If I happen to have a few bills, I either fold them up and put them in the card case or drop them in my LV mini pochette with my cosmetics (any coins I get go in there too and are promptly cleaned out at home). Probably not much of a help, but that's what I do!
  3. I have a flat leather case shaped like a small greeting card envelope that is perfect. That said I would love to find a new one and can't. (It expands a little so you can put more in it depending on size of handbag and what you need.) if that's too big I just put it in pocket of handbag or card case with my CC's.
  4. I put in my 19in LV toiletry bag . I carry that with me always
  5. I don't have any Chanel cardholders, but I find the LV zippy coin purse perfect for me to carry cards and cash. The cash can be folded in half. It's slightly larger than most zip card holders, but it fits in my Boy and ML CF.
  6. I use the little guy in the photo and it fits all my bills, credit cards, and license without being bulky. I use it for easy switch between all bags including my square mini, rectangular mini, and M/L. Love this card case/wallet. :love:

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  7. I have the passport style card holder and I find it perfect. It has two card slots, so I most my debit and credit card there. And the other slot behind the card slots, I stuff my cash there. On the other side, I put my drivers license and any other points or membership cards there. I am too lazy to have a separate pouch for change and try to avoid getting change or using it ASAP when possible. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459384406.163692.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459384439.900690.jpg
  8. I have the same one as Vanana. This is how i put my cards, cash, coins and keys in my card holder.

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  9. I died when I saw your boy!! Been looking for it and never able to find it.
  10. I recently bought an Hermes Bastia coin purse. It's incredible. So functional and holds it's shape very well. Prior to that I was chucking my coins in a little CDG pouch but it was annoying always fishing around in it for the right coins and I think it's better just for flat things like receipts or cards.

    Also, another +1, Vanana! Your boy is great!
  11. Money and coins are so dirty I hate putting it in my Chanel wallet!!! I try to not carry it..
  12. I use the passport style card holder (which I just love!) but realized it didn't have the best place for cash. So I bought it a little twin! Louis Vuitton vernis business card holder in "poppy" - used for cash and a few extra cards that are used infrequently.


  13. I've seen a couple of these gorgeous Boys on Fashionphile lately. Love it too.
  14. Great pic to show versatility of this wallet!! Love it.
  15. Thanks guys! It's a fun bag and they do show up once in a while on resale so hope you'll be able to locate one in the future!