Casey's gift THANK YOU!!

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  1. So I got an email just now from Casey (our awesome Tokidoki print placement picker) telling me thank you along w/everyone else for the edible arrangement!

    That's so cool.......she said she likes it so yay!

    Thanks Lattegrl for arranging this!! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. i have never ordered anything from pulse, but when its lindsey's turn to get a gift, im in! :okay:
  4. We sent her a G/C gift too... :tup:
  5. YAY!! :yahoo: I'm so glad she liked it!! :biggrin:

    Maya - was it the starbucks one? I forgot. haha

    Lattegrl - Thanks so much for arranging it all!!
  6. Should have been Starbucks... from what LatteGrl said anyway. :yes:
  7. here's the email that she sent me ^^

    and also huge thanks to lattegrl for arranging all of this too!
    Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you sooooo much for the awesome edible arrangement! I was totally suprised. I have never seen one before and they taste faboulous, and look great too! Everyone here loved them, they made the whole store smell so fruity and good.

    I want to thank everyone and found most people's e-mail addresses but there were two or three I couldn't find. I don't know who organized all of this, but will you make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate it. You all are the most enjoyable customers to work with. I will continue to do my best to get each of you the perfect toki you want.

    If there is anything special you need in the future, please don't hesitate to ask. When the search for the perfect toki for a customer gets frustrating, I will remember how appreciative you all are! Please have a great weekend, you all made the start to my weekend awesome!

    Thanks again.


    Casey Loskill

    Pulse Manager
  8. I got an email too! I :love: Casey!! She's the best!!

    Thank you Lattegrl for arranging this and collecting all the money!! :flowers: How did you do on your final??
  9. aww yay! I got an email from her too!! I'm so glad they liked it. Casey and everyone else at Pulse really are the best!

    Thanks again LatteGrl !! :tup: you are so awesome for having put this together!
  10. awwww... :smile: little things to show appreciation go a long way :flowers:
  11. Yeah, I was surprised to see she emailed us -- those who have emailed her before. She even wrote ones for each of us cuz mine was diff from Stephiee's lol.
  12. I know they were all different b/c mine was different too!! :graucho: She's so sweet! This was a great idea!! :idea: I thought about buying her something but I knew I didn't have the $$$ to buy her something good myself. So it was genius for us all to chip in some $$ and come up w/a good amount!! :graucho:
  13. yeah mine was diff too, that's awesome that she personalized each one instead of bcc'ing the same one to all of us!!
  14. I didnt get one :confused1: But thats okay! Casey told me before that there were many other "Dana"s that order from there.. or was that JapanLA? hahaha oh well. I'm really glad she liked it! All the Pulse staffs really deserve it!
  15. I only know one Dana :tup:

    But yeahhh Jessica is such a common name so everytime I write to her I write something like "The Happy Unicorn" girl or something hahhaha.