casey has been cheating on jamie lynn?

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  1. sorry if this has already been mentioned i couldn't find a post on it yet... but i think its the cover Us WEEKLY or one of those tabloids has pictures of jamie lynn's baby daddy with another women, and the older womens old her story to the mag .... :sad:
  2. I wouldn't be surprised not too many teens can handle a committed relationship...
  3. already?
  4. Ita!
  5. he's a baby himself for pete's sake. . . . dont let anything these two youngins do surprise you for at least 10 more years.
  6. I can't even comment!
  7. Shocking. :rolleyes:
  8. I agree with Swanky. He's still a kid himself...
  9. Well hell he just went through puberty! What do you expect??
  10. ^^^LOL!
    He's a daddy already & he can't even buy a beer yet.
  11. Can't say I'm surprised..
  12. And, that's a problem. I've needed a drink in the majority of my relationships!
  13. I doubt he's let his age deter him in buying a beer...

    I read this online earlier..doesn't surprise me..I already said this rship will be toast by December.
  14. Not shocking. He's only what? 17??
  15. and?

    they are not married, so he can do whatever he wants.