Case of the Vintage Coach Purse

  1. These were two of the first Coach purses my mom bought for me back when I was in high school. This was approximately between 1990 - 1993.

    Here are pics of both of the purses, with the serial numbers. Does anyone have any idea what styles these purses are and/or the names of them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
    IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1125.jpg IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1127.jpg
  2. I recognize the second one-it used to be very popular!!! I wish I could help you with the name-my mother has one from the mid 90s and it was called the "Legacy Zip", so perhaps the black one has Legacy in the title? I know this is probably all of NO help, but it was so cool to see that bag again! I remember when everyone had it (I used to work in a dept store). :smile:
  3. I think the 2nd one is still sold in the classic collection. I know I saw it at an outlet last year.
  4. the black one looks like Rambler's Legacy
  5. Thanks jenniferelaine & serendipity3kb!

    I found this on the current Coach website:


    I didn't even think to check So, cool 1 down, 1 more to investigate. LOL

    Now I've just got to see if I can find out about the red purse. :confused1:

    Thanks blackbutterfly!! Found it. :smile:
  6. Your red bag looks like the Megan Bag but the number is not the same. The description of this bag in my old catalog says that it has a full length outside back pocket and an inside zipper pocket with a 52" tubular strap. The retail on it wa $142.00. I hope this helps.