Case of the bulging swingpack!

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  1. I was out the other day and saw a girl with a swingpack containg what looked like the contents of a large Carly! :weird:

    LOL- OK maybe that was an exaggeration, but it seems like most people use their swingpacks when they are carrying a few items and don't need a bigger bag.
    I use mine at the movies, sports events etc.

    Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your swingpack?
  2. No, I don't like the stuffed look. I just carry a mini skinny (with my ID and cards), cell phone and a little makeup. On vacation, I'll throw the camera in but it still doesn't make it bulge.
  3. I've seen this creature in the wild, many times. :p I've seen some that look like they're going to bust. But I've also seen some that look very nice, such as the one on a young girl tonight at the mall. She was carrying the new brown/bronze sig stripe swingpack and it looked lovely on her.

    I don't personally own one, but I know I wouldn't fill it to the rim if I did, they just don't look right IMHO.
  4. Id rather try to juggle things by hand than stuff my swingpack full of items. It stretches the material and it just does not look good! :tdown:
  5. IMO Tacky looking if too full

    adorable though when done right...After I get my carryall (hopefully within a few months) I want a swingpack hehe
  6. i carry a wristlet, minnie skinny, and small brush in mine, and thats all that will fit!!!
  7. I love my swingpack b/c I can only "fit" the essentials (mini skinny, phone & chap stick). I use my carryall if I want to carry everything including the kitchen sink :p
  8. if it is too full u cant get what u need. i just put wallet, cell and keys and lipstick in it. my sis bulges her sig stripe one and somehow it still looks good.
  9. i just stick a mini skinny, mints, eye drops and cell phone in mine, so it doesnt bulge
  10. I only use my swingpack when I go to the amusment park and I dont over stuff !! lol
  11. I've seen this a lot too.. I think a lot of people use them for their primary bag - maybe because it's cheaper than bigger bag? Maybe it's their one and only Coach bag and they can't afford another so they're trying to use it to carry all sorts of stuff that doesn't really "fit"?
    I totally do not mean that in an uppity snobby way -- just trying to think of reasons why people would stuff their swingpack :smile:

    I pretty much use mine when I'm out shopping and want to shop "hands free".
  12. I only carry the mini skinny, phone, chapstick and keys and it looks perfect:p
  13. I agree! I don't think many people can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a purse so I'm sure there are many of them out there using a swingpack as their primary purse. I only use mine if I'm running a very short errand. I typically use my large carryall on a daily basis (I happen to like kitchen sinks! *LOL*).
  14. I have many other coach bags but prefer to carry my new swingpack.. It just makes things so much easier as a student/nanny/everyday..
  15. i no in my sis,s case she is just too lazy to take things out of her wallet and put them in a skinny so she jsut stuffs the wallet in the swingpack