Case for the new iPhone / iPod?

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  1. When I was at the boutique yesterday they had the Mono iPhone / iPod case!
    The SA there said that it fits the new iPhone... but I couldn't find any information on the LV site.

    Is that right? Does it really fit the new iPhone?

    -> because if it fits the new one it probably won't find my iPod video.

  2. the Mono, taiga, epi, and graphite are made for the 1st generation iphones,
    which means they are not going to fit 3G iphones.
    So your ipod should be okay.
  3. You could try the cigarette case in Monogram or Damier. It's cheaper than the iPhone case and offers more protection due to its flap. The only drawback is that you would have to open the flap every time you want to access the iPhone/ iPod.
  4. the SA told me it doesnt fit the new iphone. Also many ppl on here say the same thing. I'd use the cig case or theres a cell phone pouch, I remembered some one used that and they said it worked great.
  5. yup, it does NOT fit the new 3Gs and there's no news of LV planning to come out with an updated version either (for now)
  6. The LV Case For The Iphone Really Isnt The Best...
  7. i have the graphite case for my iphone 3g and it fits.
  8. lol. :shrugs:
  9. Strange... the SA said that this MONO case was new! And that it would fit the new iPhone!!!
  10. I was thinking of purchasing an iphone case for my iphone 3g as well, but then thought long and hard and .. finally agreed that I'm fine as it is with the cell phone holder inside most of my Vuitton bags..Or i'd simply purchase a pochette acessory and stick it in there.. it woule be alot more safer, in comparison to the iphone case.;)
  11. I think you all get me a little bit wrong... :sweatdrop:

    I just want to know if it's true that LV has made a new Mono iPhone case?
    When I was at the boutique the SA said, that it's new and on stock because it's especially made for the new iPhone 3G!

    I'm asking here because I could not find any information regarding a new Mono iPhone case on the lv site and online.

    I want a Mono iPhone case that fits my iPod video. (Which the old one did! But it was sold out - that's why I couldn't get one... :crybaby:)
  12. I bought the Monogramouflage iPhone case for my 3G and after initial disappointment, I love it.

    At first, the phone wouldn't fit - by that I mean it took a LOT of elbow grease to pull that bugger out of the case. It was extremely tight.

    But after a few weeks the case began to form around the phone (I made sure that I put it in the same way, on the same side each time). Now, it fits and it's easy to put in and pull out.

    A bit of patience is needed I think.
  13. Really? It wouldn't scratch up your iphone, will it?
  14. Problem is solved! There's NO new iPhone case in MONO! I was at Strasbourg/France yesterday and asked them there!
    I can't believe that my SA told me that....
  15. i was told by an SA that the graphite would fit. went in and tried it it was super hard to get out.... It is kind of frustrating... I was also told when the graphite didn't work that a MONO was comming out in October and i could put my name on a waitlist glad i didn't do that now!!

    How hard is it to get the correct info to the SA so they can get it to us.