case for helio ocean? (kinda like sk3)

  1. okay, so i just got my new phone and i LOVE it. it's a helio ocean (holy text messaging batman!)

    BUT, i need a case for it so it doesn't get totally banged up in my school bags. lv has a cigarette case that people have been using for sk3's, but i was hoping to find something cheaper during pce or at the outlet.

    the helio is about the size of sk3, if that helps (

    i guess i can just shove it into a wristlet, but i was hoping for something different than that. any ideas or is there something i might be missing?

    and i'm excited i have a cell loop now! hehe. i can buy cute charms now.
  2. hey kallison! haven't seen ya ard in agesss! hope ya are doing alright!
  3. hey sweetie! good to see you again! *hug*. hope you're well!
  4. Kallison, what are the measurements of your Helio? That's a sweet phone!

    ETA: Forget it - I found them: 4.33" x 2.20" x .86"
  5. it's a really amazing phone, i was surprised. more stuff than the sk3 and a MUCH cheaper plan (but more expensive phone)! plus the dual slider is fun to play with, haha.

    hmm. so do you think just a wristlet? i wanted something less typical, but it seems like that's my only option here?
  6. I have a Palm Treo and it's almost the same size as your Ocean. I tried to find a nice case but couldn't find anything that I really liked. I ended up buying two things: a Carly wristlet and a generic leather slip case made by RexRegina:

    Have you ever heard of Vaja cases? It doesn't look like they make one for your phone yet but you might want to keep watching - they make awesome cases:
  7. When I got my phone about a year ago I was obsessed with finding a case for it, but I couldn't find anything. Now a year later I've found that my phone is just fine without a case. I worried I would damage it, but it doesn't even have one scratch. Anyway, I am trying to say that I think phones are made to handle a fair amount of wear and tear and hold up just fine. Good luck with your search. Let us know if you come up with a solution.

    You will love texting with the keyboard. My phone has one of those too. Never thought I'd be the kind of person who used text messaging.
  8. That is like the one that I have except I have it in Brown Signature and it is trimmed in pink. I have a Palm Treo also and it fits perfectly in there.
  9. oh, i totally forgot i have one of those i use for my camera! DUH. (see, this is why i have you guys, cause i have brain farts).

    now where's that camera...
  10. ooh, we have a match! the case is a little big, but that's okay! i like it because it's a little more structured than a wristlet.

    kymann, this keyboard is addicting...its been 2 days and i'm right at 300 texts already, lol. god help me!
  11. When I got my Treo I had to switch my plan to unlimited text messages. The case maybe a little big but sometimes I will put my license, money and debit card in there also so therefore I don't have to carry a purse.
  12. No comment about the thread...but just had to say WELCOME BACK GIRL! MISSED YOU! :tup:
  13. OOh...I don't know...I'm still waiting for a coach case for my iphone!