Case for Digicam

  1. I am thinking of either getting the Wapity or Pochette Tulum for my new digicam (Canon SD900) and cannot decide between the two. Please share your opinion. Does anyone have both, which do you prefer? I have heard that the zipper on the Wapity may scratch the LCD ?

    Other suggestions welcome ;) Thanks !
  2. wapity... in mc!!!!
  3. Black MC Wapity
  4. Wapity any one.

    I have a Canon SD450 and use the mono wapity and haven't had any problems with a scratched LCD, I am just very careful when I pull it out.
  5. definitely the wapity! the only problem is, which one do ya get! the white mc one is tdf, but the mono is darn cute too!
  6. Wapity!
  7. I guess the best thing to do is to try it out at the boutique. Does anyone here have the Pochette Tulum, how do you like it?
  8. Don't have the Tulum (sorry can't help u there, but I do like the Tulum too...)...personally, I'd still go with the black MC wapity b'cos of its strap...I like to strap it up at the wrist 'cos I tend to have this thing with my digicam falling to the ground if I don't have a hold on it...but u can still prolly use the camera strap for this purpose with the Tulum I guess...It seems like u can also fit a little more into the wapity?!
  9. Thanks phwish for your suggestion.

    I always use the strap on my camera because the camera body is so slippery. However I don't like how it looks. I know I am going a little off topic here. Has anyone here changed the strap of your camera because it is kind of ugly? (I have the Canon SD900). Sorry I know I am being picky here. It is a great camera, however.

    Since the Wapity does not fit the camera snugly, will having other stuff in there such as keys scratch the camera? Perhaps I am being paranoid because my camera is only a few days old. After one month, I may not even think about it :rolleyes:
  10. I like the wapity in white MC.
  11. I would be afraid to put my keys with the camera. I think they will totally scratch the camera. Even if they don't, I'll be too paranoid about it. Lol. :P
  12. Definitely a wapity - have just bought one myself (the one in mono)

    I think it's a great little pouch. You can put extra battery, or cards in it along with your camera.

    Dont worry too much about not scratching your camera. My old camera was still scratched even though it was protected with the case and I was very careful with it.

    But I dont think wapity zipper will scratch your camera's LCD as long as you are careful enough when taking out or putting in your camera.

    I think mono wapity is great, because it's probably easier to maintain than a white MC one.
  13. wapity....either in mono or mc white
  14. white mc wapity. i use that for my camera. fits perfect
  15. can anyone post pics of your camera (a canon preferabaly - i have a canon SD630) inside a wapity? i've been wanting one too but just is not convinced enough. TIA!