Tech Cascading windows/computer crashes

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  1. I have a blog on, and I visit a lot of blogs there too. In the last few months most times I go onto one of those blogs (or even my own), I'll get like 30 cascading windows that are impossible to shut down. I usually end up having to "bomb" my computer. I've had two computers crash in the last month when this has been going on. Has anyone ever had this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  2. Sounds like popups. What browser do you use? Have you updated and ran a virus/adware detector lately? Do you have a popup blocker installed?
  3. Charles, I've had this happen with both IE and AOL. We do usually have popups blocked. The weird part is that this only happens when I go on blogspot, no other Web sites. We've run adware and virus protection also, but it keeps happening.
  4. DL Firefox (better browser than IE anyway) and see if it's still happening.

    And you're running up to date definitions on your virus and adware blockers? Have you started in safe mode, then ran scans?
  5. Perhaps something is bypassing your firewall, it happens. I would suggest to re-configure your firewall and put it to maximum settings and see if that does the trick.
  6. Yep, it even happened on a "slicked clean and reloaded computer" that we had. The worse part is that it only happens with
  7. We do have some firewall settings, but I need to receive audio files for my work, so I'm not sure I can set the firewall to maximum.
  8. If you get Firefox, I highly recommend getting the plugin Ad-Block Plus for it. (Tools -> Add-Ons -> Search for Add-Ons) I haven't seen a single ad since I've gotten it (unless I turn it off for some video websites). When you have it installed, go to its Preferences -> Add Subscription and subscribe to EasyList (USA).
  9. This happen to me with my previous computer pop ups non stop a billion a second and they go so fast so I can't close them and that was the last I ever saw of that computer. Even when it wasn't connected to the internet right at start up it starts to go crazy.

    Maybe install a pop up blocker and run some virus scans and update the system?