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  1. Not sure if anyone is big on this brand but today i went to an outlet dillards where you can find tons and tons of shoes brands from coach, bally, pucci, kate spade, etc. everything 75% off of original price. well I got these for $ 114 give or take and the original price was $760. very comfortable :smile:

  2. very pretty! I've heard good things about the brand.
  3. Those are VERY pretty! I did not even know that Dillard's carried such high-end brands!
  4. I have 3 pairs of Casadei, they have been going years and make very comfortable high-end shoes.

    congrats on yours asian_barbie
  5. Pretty! Great buy!
  6. I didn't either. I guess you have to be lucky since it's an outlet dillard's. They get the leftover shoes that aren't sold from the surrounding dillard's in the state ad sell them.
  7. So pretty, I love Casadei shoes.
  8. I love Casedei too, I have one pair I bought cheap (around $100) from Macys. Too bad their heels are on the high side for me!
  9. I know this thread is old but does anyone know if this brand runs TTS?

    **Never mind I found the thread!!
  10. Casadei is definitely a big brand in Italy, and their shoes are beautiful (and quite expensive). On the same level of Sergio Rossi I'd say.
    The ones you got are really nice, congrats!
  11. great buy - and beautiful shoes! Casadei is known for their craftsmanship - congrats on a great deal!!