Cartooning Class Art Project

  1. I had a perspective assignment to do over the weekend and figured you guys would be the only ones to fully appreciate it...


    my teacher hates that everything I do in that class has brands in it (and he just plain hates my work)....he'll just have to get over it! lol

    Tell me what you think :p
  2. Sorry but I think your link is broken.... can you fix it?
  3. Wow awesome! Nice piece of design :smile:
  4. I would so hang that up in my house..Its gorgeous...Your teacher must be jealous
  5. Nice art project! :jammin:
  6. That is fab!!! Love it, you did an excellent job:yes:
  7. Aww I love the Burberry store in the picture too!
  8. Very nice!
  9. ooooh. i love it!
    i hate when teachers hate art! thats just your STYLE!
    brian wilson of the beach boys, presented the hit song "surfin' "
    to his music teacher, and the teacher gave it a C.
    the song made millions in the 60s.
    keep doing what you love, and what YOU want to do!
    its your art! and one day maybe lv would do a collaboration with you!
  10. Thats gorgeous. Is it modeled after any specific store?
  11. That is a great art project good job.
  12. You're incredibly talented, wow, go you!! Your teacher sounds like a pita, I think it's great that you use realistic ideas(store fronts) in your work, makes more sense to me.
  13. thats cool :smile:
  14. oh and I just noticed you have burberry next to it!!! Coooooool those are my two all time favorite brands. You get an A++++++!!!
  15. it looks really cool
    he is not a good teacher if he hates it :p