cartoon Kelly?

  1. I am wondering about the name of this orange Kelly I was a few year ago that has arms and legs and maybe a face?....

    If anyone knows about it or has one please show me!!!!
    (When I first saw it ... I thought it's silly but with time, I am starting to think its really cute and would like to even find out if its AT ALL POSSIBLE to acquire one through resellers)

    Thanks ladies!!! :heart:
  2. y -- i don't know what it's called, but i'm sure there's a pic of it in the catalog thread orchids posted in the reference section. maybe there's some more info too.
  3. DQ! I found it!! thankyou!

    its called Quelle Idole - Ohhh I think its adorable! Has anyone notice them selling on ebay at all recently?
  4. any pictures of it? i'd like to see!!
  5. i remember seeing that somewhere on tPF before...

    It's so cute!! :biggrin:
  6. Too funny!
  7. thanks, dressage queen and fesdu!
  8. Look what I found on New York Architecture Images- Hermès

    "But the store's piece-de-resistance is called 'Quelle Idol,' a miniature 'Kelly' bag magically transformed into a tiny doll complete with leather feet and legs, and metal eyes. At $1095, the doll will be available in orange, black, or burgundy. (It is currently out of stock, and Hermes is awaiting a shipment in time for the Christmas season.)"

    I'm not sure when the article was written though!!
  9. Am I reading it wrong..but it says $1025????
    Omg... wow... hmm (and their suppose to be getting more?!) no way...right?
  10. And the best thing is...I have seen - with my very own eyes - a little girl about 3 or 4 years old in the H store, DRAGGING one around all over the FLOOR :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: while her mummy was browsing the store.

    i couldn't help but whisper to my SA "what in the world?!" :wtf: and the SA told me the rich ladies of leisure in the locale all bought these little bags for their daughters to play with. Never was I so glad I don't belong to that "club" and that I have no children. I would have smacked my little kid silly if she EVER dare ask me for a H bag to "play with". :lecture: