Cartiers and J12s

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  1. There are a lot of current watch threads lately. While there are so many lovers and collectors, I'm taking advantage of a good time to pose another question! If you don't mind telling us your age and watch preference of any Cartier vs any J12. I'll begin - I'm 46 and I lile J12s over Cartier. My favorite being the 33mm black w/diamond markers.
  2. Im 28, I had both watches, roadster & j12 but I decided to let go of the roadster earlier this year. Now I have a rolex and j12. Its hard to chose, it's just personal preference. I would like a 2 tone cartier tank eventually though to add to my small collection :P
    My j12 is a 38mm white diamond marker.
  3. 29, prefer most Cartiers over J12 any day.

    just a personal taste thing really, I do find j12s beautiful.
  4. Thanks for responses! Hope to get more as I'm stuck in with nothing but TPF today. My master bathroom is being remodeled and I like to be around when the contractors are working. I wonder if the ceramic J12s will really be a passing trend. I hope not as many people have bought some very expensive blinged out ones!
  5. I own neither (I work for another watch company so i wear one of their pieces!) but if i had to choose I would say Cartier- specifically ballon bleu.

    oh and i'm 25 :biggrin:
  6. I'm 27 and own a 33mm white J12 w/ diamond markers (and a white gold/steel Rolex) and prefer both over most Cartier models. The ceramic watch trend may pass but I know I will wear mine regularly because I love the look.

    That being said, I really like the small Ballon Bleu in rose gold and hope to add it in the next few years to round out my collection.
  7. i'm 25 and i like the rose gold ballon bleu more than the j12. but apart from that, 33mm j12 with white diamond markers over any other cartier.
  8. I'm 27 and I have a 33mm white J12 with diamond markers. I want to add a Cartier Ballon Blue to my collection one day, but I always knew the J12 was my favorite.
  9. I am 33 - just got a cartier tank solo and in love with the ballon bleu (maybe one day..). i also have a rolex.

    personally J12 doesnt do it at all but as said, preferences...
  10. lara0112 - which size/color ballon bleu do you hope to have?
  11. I'm 21, own two 33mm J12s and two Cartier watches (small tank francaise and ballon bleu both in S/S). I prefer my J12s since they are really easy to match, while the Cartier watches require a bit more effort.

    I wouldn't let go any of them though, since my J12s have bling I prefer to wear the Cartier ones to work. I would love to add a Rolex and Chopard to my collection in the future.
  12. Aylilith - Which size ballon bleu do you have?
  13. in a perfect world rose-gold ... but more likely bi-coloured. I am a total fan of stainless steel but both the rolex and the tank are s/s so I think this would be boring. anyhow currently I am saving towards the love cuff in YG so all else gotta wait ;)
  14. I'm 30 and I have a white 33mm J12 with diamond markers, black 33m j12 with diamond bezel, SS Cartier Roadster, SS Cartier Tank small size, and SS Cartier must 21.

    My 2 favorite are the white J12 and Cartier Roadster. And honestly, I have gotten the most compliments and several friends and family running out to buy the white J12 after seeing me wear it.

    My next watch purchase will be a Rolex 31mm SS/white gold with diamond markers. I have never owned a Rolex and I think its about time to add one to my collection. :graucho:
  15. I'm 30 and have the Cartier Roadster. Love it. The J12 is beautiful...hoping to add it to my collection one day, but I've been lusting after a Rolex and a Patek Philippe.