Cartier Watches on Sales @!!!

  1. :drool:Not much of a bargain but Cartier watches are on sale :wtf:
  2. where?? what's the link??
  3. Wow, I never knew they went on sale.
  4. I didn't know they went on sale either. Classic looking watches.
  5. it looks like the "sale" price is the pre-price increase price, and you can't buy them online, you have to call. so I'm guessing they have some stock they can sell at the old price for some reason so they're using this "sale" guise to move it.
  6. I think you can get discounted Cartier down in the Caribbean??
  7. It's not per se discounted in St. Martin, just no tarriffs and a favourable euro to dollar exchange rate. They have a rather decent selection as well at the HErmes store. I saw a lady run in, buy a white 25 birkin with GH in less than 10 minutes. I was trying to convince the bf to get the traveler birkin 50 in this amazing grey colour.
  8. hmmm I guess not all watch brands get discounted in the Caribbean then :shrugs: I was just there and my husband bought a Zenith watch for a discount...
  9. oooh don't i wish i had the $$!
  10. St. Thomas is the best prices but be careful and go down knowing what you want and what it sells for here. And haggle and be willing to walk away and they will go down.