Cartier Watch

  1. Witch one should I buy Cartier tank francaise in steel or Tank Divan mini in steel with leather strap?
  2. Depends on what you are looking for. Black strap is dressier. Divan is funkier.
  3. Divan is gorgeous please dont get tank its so passe rather get a santo instead otherwise the divan
  4. Just a matter of preference. Tank is classic. Divan is edgy. I got my tank a few years ago and it just came back from a total treatment and looks brand new. I'm in love with it all over again.
  5. Tank is awesome. My mom has mine now and she loves it!
  6. The tank is really a classic!
  7. I have a tank. I love it. Tank is classic and timeless!
  8. i've worn my tank francaise for over 8 years and still love it!
  9. and the new santos 100,what do you think?
    I was thinking about getting the tank in steel with pink gold
  10. I love the tank! It is a classic.
  11. I have a few tanks... the Tank Americane, the old small classic one and a tank Francaise. I love them all!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    The Divan looks a bit squished to my eye. I like it now, but may not like it in a few years.
  12. Wear my tank everyday, love it!
  13. Santos is mixed metals is my fav, but I love Divan too. Francaise not so much.
  14. I have a tank and I love it. Its not only classic and nice looking, its the most comfortable watch I own! I forget I even have it on.
  15. I had worn a TANK FRANCAISE for 7 years almost everyday, it is beautiful but it looked to me a bit opaque (stainless steel) so I decided to purchased the SANTOS DEMOISELLE in 18k yellow gold and stainless steel and this one is more highly polish which I love!