Cartier Watch with Jade Bangles?

Dec 6, 2016
Hello Everyone.
I am right-handed and have been wearing my watches only left wrist since the beginning.
Now I am planning to wear 2 jade bangles and have heard that they should be worn on the left hand so I will have to either buff something between the bangles and my cartier watch or move my watch to my right wrist.
What should I do?
Is it difficult to get used to wearing watch on the other wrist?


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
Hi, I’m new to jade jewelry, (I’m researching it for myself in the course of looking at chalcedony by Suzanne Belperron) but perhaps you might get more ideas on the jade thread?
ive read contradictory things (and personally cannot imagine switching my watch) Like:
traditionally it should be worn on the left bc closer to heart
but also it shouldn’t be worn on the left bc it hits an acupuncture point
to it should be worn super tight so it won’t move (this last might mean you d9nt have to move your watch?