Cartier Watch Service

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  1. Hello Everyone! Can anyone share their experience with Cartier watch service with me? I took my watch to the closest Cartier Boutique because I need a new battery. They sent it out for service on March 17. I still have not heard anything from them. When I inquire to my SA, she keeps telling me I'll hear something soon. I'm starting to get very concerned something is wrong or that my watch was damaged. It's only a BATTERY!!!!!!!

    Is this normal for Cartier? It could be another month before I get it back, so in all my watch will be out service for close to 2 months. I thought sending it directly to Cartier was the best choice, rather than a non-Cartier jeweler to handle. I'm stressed out and frustrated.

    Thanks in advance for sharing any personal experiences you may have. Have a great day! :smile:
  2. In my experience, it can take around six-eight weeks. The last time my battery died, I was told they need to service the watch every two years and therefore won't 'just' replace the battery. So - I think I was watch-less for six weeks or so and had to pay around £200 for the privilege. Still, I wouldn't trust it to a non-Cartier came back perfect and super-clean, they even took the bracelet apart to clean it thoroughly.
    Hope that helps put your mind at rest.

  3. It depends on where you are located... Fifth Ave's work shop is right downstairs of the store so they can do it right away for you. But if your store is a small one and doesn't have work stations, they will send it out and get it done. Sometimes they will wait and bundle with other things to send together, so don't worry!
  4. Guys, thank you. You just made me feel so much better. I feel the same…I won't allow anyone but cartier to ever open the watch. I've had my roadster for 5 years and this is the first battery needed. Based on what you're saying, I bet they try to get a full service out of me. But I won't let them polish it since you can only do that a few times over the piece's life. I wish I lived closer to NYC…I heard they had a jeweler on site.

    Thanks again for making me feel better.

  5. Yes it makes a huge difference! I had my rings polished in 5-10 minutes a few months back, whereas a friend said another location quoted her 5-10 business days. So it really depends on the location. Fifth Ave, however, does not do engraving, so they had to send mine out to get it engraved. So if all depends where you are and such. But don't worry at all, it's a big company they will do you right.
  6. Clevercat…I meant to have you reply quoted in the reply as well. Thank you for sharing your experience. You guys really brought my worry down about 10 levels. :smile: I think the transit part of sending it out is horrifying…that your trusting so many parties involved just to get it where it needs to go (to and from). Ugh. The price of luxury. Haha!
  7. It was interesting to read all of the comments on this thread. I just got s nite from Cartier that my watch is nearing the end of its 2 year warranty and I can have it services for free now. I was debating since every time I try to service anything, it's gets damaged. It looks like I should go for it and have them clean and check it and perhaps replace the battery just in case.
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  8. for free?? that's pretty awesome. my watches are in need of the full service, which is ~$500 each.
  9. Rediska - has anything of yours that is Cartier been damaged from service? I feel the same way in general about other things, but do you specifically mean Cartier? That is what I'm afraid of too…like they are keeping something from me and it's taking so long because they are either trying to fix it or are waiting to tell me. I have a Roadster which is a discontented model so I've even more nervous.
  10. Oh, no, I have not yet given anything to Cartier for service. It has been my experience with other brands, however. I subscribe the theory: "not broken - do not fix it". However, I may just do the service now, while it is under warranty and, hopefully, everything will go well! I would, however, contact the manager of the boutique you left your watch with and ask when you can expect your item back and your concerns because it is a rare piece.
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    I'm sure they are taking good care if it. It probably need service and they haven't called yet to let you know. I would call them and ask what's going on.
  12. UPDATE:

    So here we are…Cartier has had my watch since March 17 and I still have not heard a word…no estimate, NOTHING. I'm tired of badgering the boutique that sent it in. All I needed was a battery and this has turned in to a frustrating experience.

    How can they not think people get extremely worried and scared when their beloved, sentimental, and expensive timepiece is shipped half-way across the country and they have yet to provide any sort of update?! I'm all about being patient and respectful of the process since I want Cartier to do the work, but this is ridiculous. Next time I'm going to do the 3 hour drive to NYC. Sorry to vent, I'm just so frustrated and worried at this point.
  13. I took a necklace that needed a new clasp into the 5th avenue boutique a few years ago and it took around two months for the repair, leaving it at the boutique in person myself. They're just slow.
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  14. Oh, thank you so much Mundodabolsa! That makes me feel better. I still find it odd it takes so long, but I guess that's what you get. Maybe it's better they take their time.
  15. Hi guys,
    I work at a Cartier stockist in the UK, so I'm not sure how it works in the US, but this is what generally happens here.
    All Cartier watches are sent to the same one workshop in London, and watches under guarantee take priority. Each watch is dismantled, examined and assessed, and you usually receive an estimate for the work required- this is communicated via the store you took it to, unless you have already agreed to a price- again, this wait can increase the length of time it takes for the watch to be returned.
    Battery replacements in the UK take around 4- 6 working weeks, and a complete movement overhaul can take anywhere from 8- 12 weeks, more if the watch has to be returned to Switzerland due to age/ availability of parts.
    They do a really good job on the watches; I believe if you have a battery replacement the whole watch and bracelet is cleaned with an ultra- sonic machine, but if you have a full service, you also have a complimentary best possible polishing, which makes the watch look as good as new.
    I would be expecting the watch back any day now. However, often when I call Cartier to chase a repair for a client, the operators are busy or there's an answer machine service, so it can be very difficult to get an update for a client- maybe that's what's happened in your case?
    I hope you get the watch back soon though!
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