Cartier watch owners: please show us your watches...

  1. lucky lucky... pleasecan you share the make of your other watches and what you love about the cartier watches? thanks
  2. image-687314820.jpg

    My brand new ladies Cartier Roadster in gold and SS. Just got it 2 hours ago and I love it!!
  3. Before I fall in love with Cartier watches I was a huge Bulgari fan! Hence I have 5 Bulgari watches, and a small Rolex.
    Starting from the left 1. Bulgari Scuba 18kt YG/steel on rubber, 2. Bulgari 18kt WG/full pave diamond on alligator strap, 3. Bulgari 18kt WG with diamond bezel, 4. Rolex steel oyster perpetual, 5. Bulgari 18kt YG Chrono, lastly 6. Bulgari 18kt WG AUTO Chrono.

    I now love Cartier watches more because of its refined elegance as supposed to Bulgari's bold style. I've just turned 30 so I think from now on Cartier would be more suitable for me.

    Thank you for letting me share my little watch collection!
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  5. After going back and forth between the medium/large tank franchise I chose the ballon bleu!!!




  6. For reference, at the store I took pictures of how the other styles looked on me.






    But I finally went with the stainless steel medium ballon bleu in automatic.
  7. It's perfect on you!!!
  8. Great choice!
  9. Thank you!!! I love your stack and I appreciate everyone's support!!
  10. Looks great!! Enjoy wearing it. It's a beautiful watch :smile:
  11. Thank you stylish farmer, I think that the two tone roadster is the perfect watch for you. What you said about how the gold outline makes you fall in love with the watch is so true. Cheers to both of us and our newest pieces!!
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    Beautiful watch bkforbes.. It looks amazing on you. You made the right choice

    Do you mind my asking the retail price? Also is it a large size..

    Am losing sleep over this watch..
  13. Hi blingaddict. Thank you! I was debating between the tank francaise in either the medium or large and the ballon bleu either quartz or automatic. I finally chose the ballon bleu because it looked "smoother" on me if that makes sense and the tank francaise I couldnt decide which size looked best so I put it on hold. My next decision was quartz vs. automatic. I decided on the automatic because after reading this thread, although the quartz is more precise the chance of a battery leakage scared me and one of the members mentioned that although you have to pay a fee, they can switch from automatic to quartz which is a bit ridiculous because automatic is more expensive.

    I ended up getting the medium ballon bleu, automatic and it retails for 5700 but with tax at the Cartier Boutique it came up to almost 6200. Let me know if you have any other questions!