Cartier Watch or Cartier Love??

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  1. Help!! It's my 10 year and I don't know what to do? Cartier love is so expensive however a Cartier watch is equivalent but functional. Currently I use my Michael Kors watch. I'm almost 40.

    What would you do? Jewelry or watch? It's my 10 year anniversary.
  2. Def a love!!
  3. I would say go for the watch..but I am bias because I am in love with mine !
  4. Love!!!
  5. Watch is more functional IMO. There are days when I don't wear my love bangle and I'm ok without it but I can't do that with my tank francaise, I feel something is missing if I go out without my watch.
  6. I used to wear watch everyday, but now I wear it very seldom. At the same time there are jewelry pieces I wear all the time. Iconic jewelry pieces are forever, in my opinion, and they don't need to be functional.
  7. I think either would be a good choice. I would go with the Love because of the sentimental value but only if you plan on wearing it 24/7. If you think it's something you'll take on and off all the time than I would go with a watch. While I always wear my watch out (I have a Cartier Roadster), I really love that my Love bracelet never comes off. If I had to choose between the two I'd always go with my Love but that's just me... You really can't go wrong with either decision.
  8. Go for the LOVE!
  9. Hm...of course the Love would be a great gift for a 10 year anniversary. But I would think what I don´t have and will wear on a daily basis. So if you don´t have a nice watch, I would probably get the watch, but i also love the Love, so this is a hard decision. Maybe you can narrow it down to a particular watch and then go to the store and try on the Love and the watch. Maybe this will help? But anyway, great choices - good luck!
  10. Love
  11. I think a LOVE is wonderful as a representation of your important anniversary!

    Did u not say that u are ALMOST 40? The watch as a milestone birthday present?!!! LOL
  12. I would say watch, seems like it be much more functional and better investment to me. but it depends on whether or not you wear one everyday? Which would you wear more?
  13. Seriously who needs a watch. I just check my mobile for the time!
  14. Who needs a wedding band? You have a marriage license...


  15. as your first piece I would see watch because its more practical, but if you have other fancy watch I would say LOVE as its ur anniversary and its more appropriate for the occasion